Official Artwork Revealed For “Dismembering Christmas” VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray Releases


We are thrilled to announce the contest winners of the official releases of Dismembering Christmas on DVD, Blu-ray, and VHS. We will have a limited run of both the VHS and Blu-ray and all three will be available this Fall. The only way to guarantee a Blu-ray copy is by becoming a backer on our Dismembering Christmas IndieGoGo campaign which ends on June 30th.

The official artwork for the limited edition Dismembering Christmas Blu-ray will be….

**Drumroll please***

Thanks Austin Hinderliter for your awesome art here! Can’t wait to see it in a bluray case!


The official artwork for the Dismembering Christmas DVD will be….

**Drumroll please***

Thanks Tony Hartman for your artwork and we can’t wait to see this Christmas carnage art on DVD!


The official artwork for the limited edition Dismembering Christmas VHS will be….

**Drumroll please***

Thanks Jeff Quick for your killer art! This is going to look great in a white VHS clamshell!


Thank you to everyone who participated and for the incredible artwork! You guys rock and we can’t possibility thank you enough. This is going to be a Christmas to dismember…forever.