Horror Movies That Should Have Been Better: “Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning” (2004)

Let me tell you first that I’m not the biggest fan of the Werewolf genre, there have been a handful of films I can say that were good and didn’t also involve vampires, I mean how many stories can you tell about a creature that only transforms on a full moon night? So I was surprised when I found myself loving the first two films in this series, the first film was a metaphor for becoming an adult(yes I know it was more specifically for how a woman becomes an adult, but I’m a guy)and the 2nd film seem to deal with how one deals with their new station in life, the ending for the 2nd film was amazing and left you wanting more, as Bridgette no longer can keep from transforming and Ghost who is even more depraved than the psycho’s that were committed keeping her as a pet.

The third film does none of this, it doesn’t capitalize on the 2nd films story and it restarts everything as a prequel. Now keep in mind I’ve only seen this film once and it as a while, so they’ll be no spoiling as I can only remember how bad it all was and therefore cared nothing for remembering plot points.

The saddest thing with this film is that Katherine Isabelle (whose character died in the first, so they had to find a way to keep her in the films) and Emily Perkins (who has been the real star of these films) were a bore, the chemistry felt between the two doesn’t seem to be there, although the characters are different they are supposed to be the sister ancestors of the original sister and should have a little similarity in the way the two connect. The writers could have done an “origin” tale of the werewolf that bit Ginger, but instead they just wanted to keep them in the film somehow. In my opinion the other story would have been more interesting.

Aside from the main actors the other actors are equally as bad, nothing even worth remembering from them. I remember when I watched this film, I found myself wondering how the hell this was greenlit? Was this there idea of making a TV Series? Were they under some three picture contract and had no continuing film to make? I heard the makers want to make a TV series centering on Ghost and Bridgette being locked up, I hope if they do they take this out of continuity.

I would not recommend this, if you happen to get it I hope its part of a collection, cause it isn’t worth your money.

–Eric Curto

Horror Movies That Should Have Been Better: “Soul Survivors” (2001)

Not the worst movie ever, but it is still pretty damn bad is the 2001 film Soul Survivors.

The film tells the story of four friends: Cassie (Melissa Sagemiller), Sean (Casey Affleck), Annabelle (Eliza Dushku), and Matt (Wes Bentley), who after a night of partying end up getting in a car crash, Cassie’s boyfriend Sean ending up the only one dead. As time goes by, Cassie begins to struggle with Sean’s death, turning to her friends to help her cope. But when her friends begin acting strangely, and mysterious people begin turning up in their lives, Cassie’s only hope is in the hands of young priest (Luke Wilson), to help overcome the evil that’s transpiring.

The sad thing about Soul Survivors is that it had SO much potential. It had a decent premise, and a solid cast. But in the end the film ended up being a huge fricken mess. Many things were thrown into the plot that serve no purpose at all, the opening sequence being one of them. It seems like in every single scene there something thrown at us that make us want to scratch our heads thinking, “where the hell did that come from”? Although the twist tries to tie all of it up, it pretty much fails. Another thing is that by the end when the twist is starting to be revealed, the movie suffers from one too many fast takes to where it confuses the hell out of the viewer. Then finally when the twist is revealed you think, really, that’s it?

In what could have been a pretty good film, Soul Survivors suffers from being too fast paced, too much stacked on to it, all while being topped with an ending that was more than likely used as nice “surprise” but ultimately leaves the person puzzled, and only right after being revealed, the movie ends. I hate when this happens, when a movie has so much potential, but falls flat on it’s face. Granted we have a good cast who did a good job in it, but I personally felt they got screwed over with not being given more to work with.

–Cody Landman