Death of the Day—Drew Barrymore Gets Gutted in Wes Craven’s “Scream”

Today we are back with a brand new death of the day, this time we are taking a look at the opening scene of Scream. We feel as though this scene could easily stand alone as a short film because it was so perfectly executed. The cinematography is amazing and the script is extremely well written with some fun references tucked inside for the true horror fans. We have suspense and horror and countless other emotions flowing through us as this scene develops. We have an introduction to a new and exciting character right for the start of the film and it’s able to set up the rest of the movie for the audience. The death alone is nothing over the top, but the elements surrounding it is what we find so thrilling.

Death of the Day—Sarah Michelle Gellar Gets Hooked in “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

Continuing our Death of the Day tribute here at Slasher Studios we have the wonderful Scream Queen Sarah Michelle Gellar in the underappreciated I Know What You Did Last Summer. Many have said her chase scene in this film is the “best of the best” when it comes to slasher films. Why does this death scene work so well? Well as Reece Glen Donnell puts it “this is the ultimate in slasher death scenes because of the eight minute long chase sequence that precedes it. The character puts up one hell of a good fight for her life and has the audience rooting for her until help is only feet away, but in typically cruel slasher style it’s too late. As an audience member I was willing Helen to survive more and more as the scene went on and could’ve cried when the slicker clad villain appeared behind her. I think purely because I wanted the character to survive SO badly and the fact she didn’t after such an epic struggle, is the reason the scene has stayed with me.” Are you hooked yet?

Death of the Day: Kids on Raft—“The Burning” (1981)

We are starting a new segment at Slasher Studios entitled “Gore Galore.” In this new segment we will be covering our favorite death scenes. What better death scene to start with that the wonderfully grisly raft scene from “The Burning.” As our fellow horror correspondant Jeffrey Lee states “Tom Savini is THE maestro of special effects! His work is so brilliant that it becomes a character in the movie that he’s working on. In this scene there are 5 over-the-top deaths in 30 seconds! It’s in your face, super gory, and makes no apologies. This scene proved Cropsy to be one of the most brutal killing machines in slasher history!”