Kevin & Steve’s Horror Movies: “Sorority Girls & the Creature From Hell” (1990)

Kevin: Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell is one of the strangest horror movies I’ve seen in a while. It seems as if the producers behind this film decided to take all of the cliches of the horror genre, action genre, comedy genre, and the worst soft core pornos you have seen and mixed it up in a cinematic blender. It really is that strange but it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Steve: Calling this film strange is going easy on it. The story can be described as odd, at best. From the boobs, to the talking rock (inspiration for Legends of the Hidden Temple perhaps?), to the dubbed audio, to even more boobs, this film will at least keep you guessing and will NO make for a boring watch.

Kevin: The “plot” surrounds a group of sorority girls who decide to take a trip up to a cabin in the woods accompanied by some boys. To their dismay, there is an escaped convict on the loose as well as the uncle of one of the girls. It’s too bad that Uncle Ray is possessed by an Indian spirit turning him into a monster with a need for human blood.

Steve: The plot/mess is the best part of this film. There is a lot going on and all the, “What is happening?” thoughts in your head will make for some unexpected joy. For all you Seinfeld fans out there, you especially will get a fun treat as the one and only Uncle Leo makes a surprise appearance. It’s interesting to see him as this outdoorsy character.

Kevin: Sound a bit convoluted? It sure is but it is also one of the most entertaining horror movies that I’ve seen in quite a while. This film isn’t for everyone and horror fans looking for less cheese and more thrills should look elsewhere. That said, the lovely Debra Dutch (star of underrated cheese classic Hard to Die) steals the show as our resourceful final girl and the film never takes itself too seriously. That’s more than can be said for most films today.

Steve: You cant really go wrong with this movie if you are just looking for cheesy film with bad acting and laughable audio. So, if you are in the mood for a unique cabin adventure, check out this film in all of its full screen gory. Take in the grainy views and bad foley as the sorority girls and their boy toys try to survive the night and escape the wrath of the creature from hell.