Horror Movies We Love: “House” (1986)

A very interesting movie in my opinion is”House” (1986) directed by Steve Miner (Friday the 13th part 2 & 3, H20).

The movie is about a horror novelist and ex Vietnam veteran, Rogger Cobb who is in a middle of a divorce and goes to live at his aunt’s house where his little boy was lost some time ago under some strange coditions. Now he returns there in order to focus on his new horror novel and discover what happened with his son. Every door he opens in the house is a new nightmare for him. His mind plays strange tricks and starts revealing forgotten aspects of the Vietnam War. The deeper he enters the house the more he finds about what happened to his past and how things ended up like this in his life.

I think that this is a very entertaining flick with a great atmosphere which the House provides adequately in all through the film. The main character of the movie is very well shaped with deep origins and an interesting back story. So enjoy the film and … don’t forget to ring the bell!!!

–Panos Tsiros