Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Slaughter” (2009)

Our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back with another slasher review. This time he is taking on one of the After Dark Horror Collection titles, “Slaughter.” I tried watching this flick a few years ago and for whatever reason, I just couldn’t get through it. Let’s see if Tim has the same reaction or if its a title that deserves another chance.

Thoughts before the film:
Not too sure what #Slaughter is about, but it’s one of the few movies from the third After Dark Horrorfest that I haven’t seen yet.

Thoughts while watching:
0:05 If your characters are gonna be younger than 21 at least make them look young and not 30 year olds…
0:11 A whore farm girl, what.
0:19 Number one way to pick up a girl: go to an opera.
0:31 This jimmy guy is creepy. She finds him in her house naked with blood all over him?
0:32 Oh I lied. It was a dream.
0:35 There’s at least one inbred moron in every movie I watch.
0:33 Whoever did the killings is back because they like it it. How did this not win the Oscar?
0:35 The sandbox scene… How is that even possible?
0:39 Pigs is a recurring theme in #Slaughter.
0:49 This bar is poppin’. A whole three people!
0:50 So far, not anything horror related has happened.
0:57 How can dozens of cars fit in that pond!?
1:00 See, you can never trust any redneck inbred.
1:05 No no no not the teeth don’t mess with her teeth.
1:05 If I have nightmares about my teeth now I’m gonna be upset.
1:08 Enough teeth stuff already! Please!
1:27 You’re nothing more than a cheap whore.

#Slaughter was your typical ‘hostage girl’ movie I guess you could call it with a few different but good twists. Also had pretty decent acting.

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