Kevin & Steve’s Slasher Movies: “Nurse” (2014)


“My name is Abigail Russell. I look like a slut, but don’t be fooled—this is merely a disguise to lure the dangerous predators who walk among us. This is their jungle, their breeding ground, and tonight I am on the hunt. These are the cheaters, the married, lying scum. They are like diseased cells cultured in alcoholic petri dishes that destroy unsuspecting families and infect millions of innocent vaginas. There is no cure for the married cock—only me, the nurse.”

Kevin: With this introduction, we meet our hero of “Nurse,” the delightfully trashy and compulsively watchable new thriller now available to watch on VOD. Paz de la Huerta plays Abby Russell, a head nurse who has just taken a new girl, Danni (Katrina Bowden), under her wing. Abby has a secret. She likes to lure married men into having sex with her only to keep them in the process. Along the way she gets a little too “close” to Danni as she begins to control and destroy every element of Danni’s life that she doesn’t like.

Steve: The filmmakers behind Nurse had a very distinct vision. The stylistic techniques found here are welcome choices that help create a unique beast. The pacing is just right as the dull moments are slim to none and the thrilling scenes get better as the film progresses. With fun gore effects, inventive deaths and a great score, Nurse is nothing to be afraid of.

Kevin: Boy, this movie is a doozy. With some of the most laughable dialogue I’ve heard on screen in years and some of the most bizarre murders I’ve ever seen, “Nurse” is a treat for lovers of bad cinema. The blood flows like water on screen the movie is a very brief 84 minutes which culminates in one of the goriest final acts in recent memory. Sure the movie has more plot holes than the body’s Abby leaves in her wake, but if you enjoy a good-bad horror movie…you won’t find anything better than this one.

Steve: So, be sure to make your appointment with Nurse and enjoy the ride. With gallons of gore, tons of nudity and some comedic toppings, this will be sure to have something for everyone. With a wide release over seas, here’s to hoping for a successful domestic run.