Horror Films We Love: “Dracula Has Risen from the Grave” (1968)

It’s the 3rd Dracula theme movie of Christopher Lee. The man who pushed the role of Count Dracula one step forward to the boundaries of horror.

The film opens in a small village where Dracula made his unpleasant appearance by leaving his first victim, a year after he has been destroyed. A small boy discovers the body of a young girl in the church’s bell. After that he’s unable to speak.

When a monsignor comes to check the village and how the church functions he finds the priest alone at the church and the villagers unwilling to go inside because they are afraid the shadow of the castle. Monsignor tries to convince them that nothing’s wrong with the castle anymore and people have nothing to worry about. For that he decides to go to the castle to exorcise it along with the priest. But when they reach the castle and Monsignor performs the exorcism, an accident of the priest causes the resurrection of count Dracula. Monsignor returns to the village where he thought that the priest has already returned and assure the others that they have nothing to fear because the evil has been destroyed (so much did he know). The fact is that the priest is from now on under the control of Dracula. Now the vicious Count is seeking for revenge and the perfect victim for him is Monsignor’s niece Maria. Will he be able to accomplish his aim or he’ll find obstacles on the way…??? I’ve never been a spoiler, so watch the movie to find what happens !!!

I think that Hammer productions made an excellent job back to the 60’s and 70’s with the horror stuff. Great actors and unique atmosphere was all that it was needed. Christopher Lee is the best Dracula ever if you ask me. Sometimes I think that he is the Dracula in reality :) So, horror fans, if you haven’t seen it yet, give it a shot.

–Panos Tsiros