A to Z Horror: “My Bloody Valentine” (2009)

my_bloody_valentine_3d_postA to Z

I have finally seen My Bloody Valentine (2009) (“M” of #AtoZHorror in August) and while I have not seen the 1981 original I really found myself enjoying this reboot! I really thought the kills and the amounts of blood were a pleasure for the eye. One of the stronger aspects of this reboot is how in depth it all was. The character development, the story, the cinematography, the score and not to forget, the truly amazing locations. The acting was also really strong, I liked Jensen Ackles in this movie, he portrayed his character so well enough that you started liking him.

I loved Jaime King in this movie, she’s a fantastic scream queen and was a great final girl and overall a really strong and vulnerable character. Kerr Smith was also terrific in his role, he has come a long way ever since Final Destination! The small supporting role of Tom Atkins was awesome! There were lots of surprises in store in this movie as far as twists and scares go. The ending could’ve been a lot better but it didn’t take away much from what I liked. This movie is definitely made for 3D but completely watchable in 2D as well. I highly recommend this horror movie to everyone, including horror fans. Its a well made reboot and it just makes me more curious to check the original out!

–Ferdi Akkulak


Slasher Death Scenes We Love: “The Burning”, “My Bloody Valentine”, “Pieces”

Here are three favorite slasher death scenes submitted by the Jeffrey Lee and Michael Lang. Keep those favorite deaths coming at the Slasher Studios Facebook Page. Submit your favorite slasher movie death scenes and why they love them so much and we will feature them here!

Jeffrey Lee-“The Burning”

One of my favorite death scenes in a slasher movie is the raft massacre in The Burning. Tom Savini is THE maestro of special effects! His work is so brilliant that it becomes a character in the movie that he’s working on. In this scene there are 5 over-the-top deaths in 30 seconds! It’s in your face, super gory, and makes no apologies. This scene proved Cropsy to be one of the most brutal killing machines in slasher history!

Michael Lang-“My Bloody Valentine”

Also the the FX were great, the lighting was perfect, it look soo real, The sounds were just unsettling, great story and plot was perfect soo this is my favorite slasher movie death.

Jeffrey Lee-“Pieces” (1983)
Topless chick pisses her pants and then is cut in half with a chain saw. ’nuff said.