Slasher Studios Podcast: Horror Movies That Need a Blu-Ray Release


On a brand new episode of Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield and Andrew Beirl will be discussing the horror movies that need a blu-ray release. The forgotten classics, the mistreated studio slashers…they will discuss them all. Show airs at 10PM central on a special Tuesday night show. Listen in live or catch an archive through the link below:

Slasher Studios Podcast: Horror Movies That Need a Blu-Ray Release

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: 2015 Horror Movies


On our latest episode Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield and Andrew Beirl chatted about the horror movies of 2015 that they are most excited to see. Andrew starts the show with a mini-review of Kevin Smith’s Tusk. If you missed the live broadcast, make sure to click on the link below to listen to all the gory fun!

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: 2015 Horror Movies

“Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown” Cuts Up IGG Campaign


We’ve always been supportive of low budget indie fare here at Slasher Studios and we have another brand new slasher feature to share with you. From the creators of Slasher House, Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown is the latest release from Mycho Entertainment. The film sounds like a hell of a lot of fun and Slasher Studios had a great time with Slasher House so we are excited to see what they do with this brand new slasher venture. They can’t make the movie though without your help so make sure to become a backer today and support indie horror!

1990 Oklahoma : Carlton Layton arrived home to find his wife in the arms of another man, he went out to his van and donned the clown suit that he used as a children’s entertainer and proceeded to slaughter his wife and her lover. All of this was witnessed by his 5 year old daughter and Carlton escaped into the night leaving his little girl behind.

5 Years Later: Halloween Night and Carley, a young college student, is hired to take care of a little girl as her parents head out to a Halloween party, but someone one is waiting, someone wants the girl, someone who we know as ‘The Cleaver”.

To become a backer:
Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown

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Slasher House (DVD)

Horror Taglines: It’s a Bad Horror Movie and You’re Soaking in it!


Our “official” Slasher Studios list of the ten most awesomely terrible horror movie tag lines. So awful that they make me want to watch these movies right now. What are some of your favorite horror taglines?

1. “It’s par for the corpse!”
The Greenskeeper

2. “When it comes to terror, they’re in a field of their own.”

3. “Icy Dead People!”

4. “A very penetrating story!”
Nail Gun Massacre

5. “A terrifying tale of sluts and bolts.”

6. “It’s Cleavage vs. Cleavers and the result is Delta Delta Deadly!”
Sorority House Massacre 2

7. “Don’t mix this movie and pizza.”

8. “Take the stairs. Take the stairs. For God’s sake, take the stairs!!!”
The Lift

9. ” By Pick, By Axe, By Sword, Bye Bye!”
The Mutilator

10. “Please do not disturb Evelyn. She already is.”
Mountaintop Motel Massacre

A to Z Horror: “Waxwork” (1988)


I have seen Waxwork (1988) for the first time (“W” of #AtoZHorror in August/September) and while I didn’t know anything about this movie till this year, I decided to blind buy it at a store for €6. I heard some good things, so I thought I would love it too. I also loved the trailer and the female lead: Deborah Foreman (April Fool’s Day). Did this movie surprise me on any levels? Yes and no… I really like how this movie starts, it was like your typical 80’s slasher. The characters were likeable and I liked the settings. However, things started to get problematic for me once the time swapping begun. These scenes took on forever and basically drained the entire 80s feel for me.

It did get REALLY over the top and it isn’t low on blood either. I just wish it got more creepier and atmospheric, instead we get these abnormal and sometimes bizarre time swaps to god knows which century and events. It may sounds fun on paper but it wasn’t really appealing to see on screen. The actors really tried their best and the characters were fun too with the standouts being Deborah Foreman and Zach Galligan were really good in their roles. Great performances! I dug the soundtrack of Waxwork and overall the whole setting in the wax museum. I didn’t completely hate this movie, there are a lot of things that worked in this movie. The script was pretty clever, the dialogue sometimes got cheesy and lame but that worked for the fun factor of the film. This is not exactly a movie I’d take seriously but it did spark my interest. I just wish they did more with the intriguing concept, and scored more on the creepy factor. I also thought this movie was a love letter to zombie/vampire/werewolf movies and Hammer movies too.

Overall I recommend you to see Waxwork even if its just for once, its definitely a fun and cheesy 80s slasher/comedy with lots of jokes, blood and great characters. For the horror die hard fans its a must for the collection because I know some have an instant love for it, for regular film fans I’d say rent, check it on Netflix or watch it online. Its not everyone’s cup of tea.

–Ferdi Akkulak

A to Z Horror: “Vanishing on 7th Street” (2010)


I have seen Vanishing on 7th Street (2010) for the first time (“V” of #AtoZHorror in August/September) and to be fair, I didn’t know all that much about this movie besides that it got released a couple years ago on a very small scale. I didn’t watch a trailer for it, I went in as fresh as I possibly could. Did I enjoy it? Yes and no, and I have some explanation. The movie starts out pretty interesting and suspenseful. It seemed like it had potential going for it, after a while however, I noticed things started falling apart after the story was set. The concept really looks good on paper but it wasn’t executed as good as it should’ve. Not all the characters were that likable but the actors were trying. The acting performance of Hayden Christensen was decent in my opinion, a likable actor however. Thandie Newton was REALLY good in this movie, but I could’ve expected that after her impressive slate of movies. I also thought that John Leguizamo was good in it.

This movie kind of reminded me of The Darkest Hour but that movie was released later than Vanishing on 7th Street. There is a certain amount of creepiness found in this movie but it doesn’t really seem to wanna go beyond that. The directing was solid and while the script isn’t that strong in general, the concept is still original. It is just the execution that was disappointing and I am still not sure what to think of the open ending. Its a decent post-apocalyptic thriller with a great concept, a good cast and cool effects. It still had lots of flaws, to me it just barely scores above average. I’d say check out Vanishing on 7th Street if its on your Netflix queue but I wouldn’t suggest to buy it on DVD/Blu-ray. You could do WAY worse but you can also do a lot better. Not sure if I will check this one out again anytime soon, its more of a one time watch.

–Ferdi Akkulak

Indie Horror Spotlight: “North Woods”

North Woods Official Poster

We here at Slasher Studios are always looking to support indie slashers and we have a bloody treat to share with you today. Check out the brand new slasher and make sure to like the official Facebook page below.

From the official press release:

In the vein of Dario Argento, Mario Bava, David Lynch & the bizarre macabre films of the 70’s/80’s, comes this psychotic motion picture of unrelenting terror!

From within the woods, a blood spattered young man, named John Prescott, runs out in front of a car, terrified and muttering gibberish. Enter Dr. Pamela Alley, an esteemed psychologist, and Detective Morris West, her secret lover from the local police force, who have just been assigned the boy’s case. As the teen begins telling his diabolical tale of a local weekend vacation gone horribly wrong, it becomes clear that nothing is ever what it seems when a very troubled substitute teacher, with a webbed past of nightmares,emerges at the center of the proceedings. What keys does she hold to the nearly phantasmic events surrounding the area for the last several years?

Perhaps some secrets are better left in…the North Woods.

Featuring legendary indie horror/b-movie scream queen, Debbie Rochon, North Woods guarantees you an authentic visceral, yet surreal experience straight from the era where grindhouse slashers & Drive-in Horror relentlessly ruled the cinemas!

Like the official FB page:

A to Z Horror: “Urban Legend” (1998)


I had seen this movie for the first time 3-4 years ago but somehow I cannot recall anything from when I saw it, so I decided to give Urban Legend (1998) a second viewing (“U” of #AtoZHorror in August/September) and I must say that its a pretty good late 90’s slasher. It has a really awesome and attractive young cast filled with horror legends and soon-to-be famous movie stars. The acting performances in this movie are pretty divided. Jared Leto was really likeable as the male lead, he was pretty charming but also had a knowledge of his own. Great actor in general and he came very far in both music and acting careers.

Alicia Witt, in my opinion, was really bad in this movie. It looks like she wasn’t even trying to make her character look or sound resourceful and/or interesting. I couldn’t care for her character and she was a tacky, bland and forgettable final girl also, if that is the term. Rebecca Gayheart was an absolute trailblazer in Urban Legend, hands down the best performance of the film and her career. Really interesting character development, that’s all I will say. Tara Reid had a fun performance, loved her spunky character. Joshua Jackson and Michael Rosenbaum were fun in this movie too. Also kudos to the phenomenal supporting turns by Loretta Devine, Danielle Harris and the ever awesome Robert Englund! Incredible cast overall! There are some really inventive death sequences in Urban Legend and some pulse pounding chase scenes, in particular the chase in the final act with Tara Reid. There were some surprise jump scares and one fantastic killer twist! The direction and editing are fairy well done. The soundtrack is really fun to listen to and very moody in some scenes.

Urban Legend is nowhere near as good as Scream but it still provides for great viewing pleasure. Its a fast paced slasher that borrows some of previous outings in the genre but also manages to serve us fun characters, great death scenes and a very interesting script. I highly recommend this to slasher fans and movie lovers in general, its worth a watch.

–Ferdi Akkulak