International Horror Preview: “Evil Selfie” (2016)


We are bringing you a slice of international horror here today at Slasher Studios. Check out the details below for information on a brand new film from international horror filmmaker, Eros Bosi. Sounds like a bloody good time to us.

About Evil Selfie:
Two years after his directorial debut with the vampire movie “Circondato dalle tenebre” (“Surrounded by Darkness”), Italian independent filmmaker Eros Bosi is back with a new ironic horror tale entitled “Evil Selfie.” Shooting on the short horror film took place between March and April 2016 in Terni, birthplace of the director. The film was made in collaboration Luca Alessandro & Luigi Nappa ( authors of the short Ways of seeing) and Alex Visani ( producer of The Pyramid ). The special effects were made by Pasquale Miele. The artistic team includes the same Eros Bosi, Diletta Vedovelli, Chiara Palombi, Maurizio Bolli and the famous television host Gene Gnocchi. The plot tells of an engaged couple who travel to the countryside. They are seemingly unaware that a girl died under mysterious circumstances at this very place. You will realize its spectrum through a selfie. Looking for the film to be slashing soon, scheduled for release later this year.

Writer/Director Austin Bosley Slashes Up IndieGoGo with THE PRODUCER


Last year, we released the holiday horror slasher DISMEMBERING CHRISTMAS. It marked the first time in Slasher Studios history that we worked with a new director on a project. That director is Austin Bosley and he is back with an all new horror film that is sure to please fans of the genre. The film is titled THE PRODUCER and it needs your help to become the dark indie thriller of the year.

What is The Producer?
The Producer is a horror movie about Ashley, an independent filmmaker who lives with her grandfather and delivers pizza as her day job. She works with her best friend Taylor, who does what she can to help Ashley produce her movies, but their crowdfunding campaign is failing miserably.

Enter Damien, a local legend of sorts who has somehow wormed his way into the world of low-budget filmmaking on a level that Ashley just can’t seem to reach yet. Damien lends a helping hand and hooks Ashley up with contact information for the producer who funds his films, sending Ashley down a path she isn’t sure she can follow.

Austin is currently running an Indiegogo campaign in order to raise funds to shoot the film. We’ve read the script here at Slasher Studios and it’s a damn good one. So become a backer today and help support indie horror. Want to check out Austin’s first feature film? It is available for sale below and also available to rent in HD over at our official Gumroad digital store.

Happy slashing everyone!


Seven high school seniors experience a holiday of horrors when they realize their rented winter getaway has an unexpected visitor. DVD includes two commentary tracks, behind-the-scenes bloopers, and making of featurette.

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Seven high school seniors experience a holiday of horrors when they realize their rented winter getaway has an unexpected visitor. Limited edition VHS includes specially designed clamshell “big box” VHS tape, mini poster, and signed (out of 50) cover art.

Dismembering Christmas VHS Options

Slasher Studios Presents: Top 5 Horror Impacting Life Choices

Horror films have been know to inflict nightmares upon people and make them afraid of things at night. I admit when I was a kid and I first saw I Know What You Did Last Summer, I became super paranoid that Ben Willis was hiding in the closet or in the dark corner of my room. But has a film ever impacted you in a way that prevented you from doing certain things in life? There’s the infamous Jaws and fearing of going into the ocean, Psycho with showers, and recently one could say The Visit could prevent people from wanting to visit long lost grandparents. I wish I could say that I haven’t fallen under the influence of horror, but sadly I have. Here are my personal five horror films that have impacted the way I live.


5) Bug
A man and women holed-up in a crummy hotel begin to suspect that their room is being inhabited by bugs. While this was more of a psychological thriller with governmental conspiracy theories, the representation of the bugs is chill-worthy. Everyone prefers to stay at a nicer hotel than a crummy run-down one. However, my reasons are more intense due to this film. Although Michael Shannon’s characters emphasizes that these aren’t just bed bugs, the idea of bugs in the bedding and giving bites like this makes me cringe like crazy. Even during the film I found myself itching. Because of this film I am very picky at just how cheap and how the appearance is of hotels, as well as how the beds appear.


4) Backcountry
The film follows a young couple who go camping/hiking in the woods. They eventually become hunted by a territorial black bear. People can say what they want about the bear attack scene in The Revenant, but the attack scene on the couple in their tent was downright horrifying and brutal. It is because of this that I have grown extremely paranoid about ever wanting to go in the woods. Living in the Northern Midwest, there are always sightings of bears wandering around. This doesn’t exactly help matters much.

Roman as Brandon

3) Frozen
Three friends find themselves stranded on a ski lift after the ski lodge closes. The cold winds/weather, the heights, isolation, and deadly wolves threaten the group. Okay, so this one is kind of a long-shot, but to be stuck on a ski lift in the freezing whether and seeing what it did to these characters, but putting your trust on a rickety chair at a large height in this freezing whether is enough to make me not want to go skiing after seeing this film.


2) The Bay
A documentary/found-footage style horror film that follows a reporter doing a story on the fatal events that befell a small town after their water had become infected by deadly parasites in their local water. There are instances where the parasites have made their way into the humans’ bodies and began feeding on them from the inside and causing horrible skin lacerations. And some were even killed by the parasites themselves by swimming in the water. I am someone who absolutely loves swimming and would rather do it in a body of water than a pool. This movie however has made me paranoid about going into these bodies of water more than ever to where I’d wanna know more about its conditions before going in. With reports of people becoming sick or even dying from diseases in the water, The Bay only makes the thought more horrifying.


1) Final Destination 2

There are many things in the Final Destination films that cause people to second guess certain things (airplanes, roller coasters, tanning, etc.), I can’t say very many of them have affected me that much (I love roller coasters way too much to be afraid of one crashing). That said, it is due to the pile-up scene in Final Destination 2 that I will never, ever want to drive near a logging truck. I have come across these too often on highways and interstates to where I’ve done whatever I could to put a great distance between me and the truck. It takes something as small as weak chain or strap to make those logs cause a wreck or death.

What horror films have impacted YOUR lives?

–Cody Landman

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: The Ds of Horror Movies


On a brand new Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield & Andrew Beirl dig back into the ABC’s of Horror and giving you their recommendations for horror movies that start with the letter D. It’s definitely a gory good time as they return to horror school to learn a little horror alphabet rules.

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Alphabet of Horror (C)


On a brand new Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield & Andrew Beirl dig into the ABC’s of Horror and giving you their recommendations for horror movies that start with the letter A. It’s definitely a gory good time as they head back to school to learn a little horror alphabet rules.
Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Alphabet of Horror (C)

THE VIXEN OF VENGEANCE Limited Edition DVD Now Available At Slasher Studios


Slasher Studios has teamed up with Luchastyle Studios to offer you their latest thriller, The Vixen of Vengeance, on a special Limited Edition DVD right here at Slasher Studios. We reviewed the film earlier this month and it’s definitely one that you’ll want to get your hands on. We only have 20 DVDs, so don’t miss out on your chance to own this little indie gem.

When Diane finds out that the disappearance of her boyfriend may be more than a disappearance, she seeks out the men responsible to exact her bloody revenge!

The limited edition DVD features 3 commentary tracks:

Track 1: Writer/Director Patrick Pena explains how he made his feature debut for under $1000, and how you can do it too. This informative commentary track explains how you can make your no budget masterpiece.

Track 2: Patrick is joined for a fun cast commentary by stars Michelle Mullins, Pete Garlock and Brandon Nyte!

Track 3: Patrick attempts to deliver a commentary track, while drunk.

The Vixen of Vengeance

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Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: The “B” Movies of Horror


On a brand new Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield & Andrew Beirl dig into the ABC’s of Horror and giving you their recommendations for horror movies that start with the letter B. It’s definitely a gory good time as they head back to school to learn a little horror alphabet rules.

To listen to the show on Blog Talk Radio:
Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: The “B” Movies of Horror

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: “The Darkness” (2016) Review


A suburban family takes a vacation in the canyons, but while they are there, the couple’s young autistic son takes some marked rocks from an underground cavern. Upon their returns, things begin to take a haunting turn, and their son’s behavior soon begins to intensify. They learn that something was brought back with them, and they want to take something back themselves.

After seeing the other supernatural film this year called The Other Side of the Door, I didn’t think there could be a horror movie that would be any worse than that one. I couldn’t have been more wrong. That one actually appears good compared to this film. That film had every single cliche in a supernatural film that you think of. The Darkness does this too but it doesn’t try to make an effort to even try do something with those cliches. The jump scares were painfully bad in that they were either the same thing, or just entirely unscary whatsoever. There is no sense of creepy atmosphere either. Not to mention the film is just totally and completely boring that I was growing depressed and irritated that it wasn’t over yet. Never before have I wanted a movie to end so badly until this one. In an effort to try get viewers to become engaged with the story, they try to make us feel sorry for the family by making the father absent and blind to the family’s problems (oh and of course he had an affair), the wife moping around babysitting her autistic kid while turning to the booze to feel better about her life and not being believed about the haunting occurrences, the autistic kid who is a pain in the ass who should have been kept on a leash, and then there’s of course the bitchy teenage daughter who has bulimia.

If this was supposed to make us feel sorry for them, they were trying way too hard. Not to mention many of these issues are casually swept under the rug at one point and the film tries to pretend it never happened. On top of that, the characters are just unlikable in general to where you could care less about them. It doesn’t help that the story is horribly written to where there’s just no development for the family and their world. It literally starts out with them vacationing, kid finds the rocks, and then boom the stuff begins to happen. Along with this, the pacing and the editing just felt off in the sense where scenes that follow each other just don’t match up, and they were throwing in random moments to clearly establish that we should feel sorry for the family.

It’s literally in your face but we never get a good picture of the family in general. Anyway, the family junk aside, the horror is just non-existent. There’s nothing scary about lights burning out and random animals appearing. For a film about spirits, there are no spirits around at all. It’s just small junk happening. And even when the family turns to Google and an old Mexican lady for help, it does a horrible job of explaining this tribe (or whatever they were) that was haunting them. Unless I’m just slow and didn’t understand it, the mythology was just incoherent. And the final scene in the movie was just gag-worthy.

With two talented actors such as Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell, you would think they could at least save the movie. Sadly this does not happen. Bacon clearly wanted a paycheck, and it sure as hell shows. Mitchell surprisingly tries to work with the script, but it still feels half-assed. And the two actors who play the kids are unbearable, especially the teenage daughter. And seriously, you put Jennifer Morrison in the film (fricken Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time!!!) and you only give her five minutes max of screen time in a meaningless role? What the hell??

I wish there was something positive I could say about this film, since I usually do find at least one thing good, but unfortunately I can’t. Okay, the beginning scene in the canyons was pretty. Done. Just plain and simple, don’t ever see this movie. Whatever movie you consider the worst movie you ever seen is, just watch that instead.

–Cody Landman

Slasher Studios Presents: Killer Posters from the FRIDAY THE 13TH Series

What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th and the 36th anniversary of the original film than showing off our favorite Friday the 13th art. Today we showcase some beautiful art for one of our favorite slasher franchises of all time, Friday the 13th. Whether it’s fan art or official, we are selecting our favorite poster from each entry in the original series (1-8). Which Friday the 13th posters make your must kill list?

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Art credit: unknown

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Art credit: Jeff Zornow

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Art credit: unknown

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Art credit: Jeff Zornow

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Art credit: unknown

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Art credit: Phantom City Creative

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Art credit: Chris Garofalo

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Art credit: unknown

Beautiful posters for a beautiful and iconic franchise. The Jason Takes Manhattan poster above is my favorite horror poster of all time. Simple, clean, and elegant. How I wish it were the official poster.

–Noah Nicholas Nelson