Drunken Zombie Film Festival Unleashes 2014 Schedule


The Drunken Zombie Film Festival has been one of the very best horror film festivals around for indie horror filmmakers. In the past two years, Slasher Studios was honored to have Teddy screen at the 2012 DZFF and our first feature, Don’t Go to the Reunion, at the 2013 DZFF. This year they are back with a brand new lineup filled with some great horror selections. Check out the official press release below and make sure to make it to the event. Support indie horror!

From the official press release:

For seven years the Drunken Zombie Film Fest has showcased the best in up and coming independent horror films, many filmmakers who have participated have gone one to be featured in other film festivals such as Cannes and south by southwest, work with companies including Lionsgate and WWE films and received national distribution of their films. The festival has continued to grow and as the only International Horror Film Festival in Central Illinois we expect to draw a record number of viewers this year.

The submission board received over 1,000 local, national and international filmmakers’ submissions and narrowed it to 17 hours of the best horror movies of 2014. Including seven feature length films and 21 short format films the Fest will span two days, November 7­-8. In an effort to offer a wide cross section of the genre the films chosen are not limited in terms of film making techniques; the fest includes stop motion, animation, puppetry, practical as well as digital effects, new media processes and traditional film making.

These movies represent the “cream of the crop” and few can be seen elsewhere. Additional information including festival schedule, details on each film chosen and other information at https://www.facebook.com/drunkenzombiefilmfestival or email [email protected]

Friday November 7th ­ $10
Saturday November 8th ­ $15
Weekend Pass ­ $20

Friday November 7th ­ 7PM­12AM
7pm Dorchester’s Revenge 1:50:00
8:50pm Naked Zombie Girl 30:00
9:30pm Hourglass Figure 15:00
9:45pm Till Death 20:00
10:15pm Hanover House 1:30:00

Saturday November 8th ­ 12PM­12AM
12pm ­ Misfit Heights 1:50:00
2:00pm Remission 1:30:00 Q&A
4:00pm World Of Death Film Block Q&A
The Muck – IL, USA – Tony Wash
Malice – TX, USA – Michael CrumMattress ­ Ontario, Canada – Nigel Jones
Mama’s Boy – IA, USA – Jason R. Lees
Manburger – TX, USA – William Wymore
Murder – SC, USA – Charles Rhodes
The Tap Dancer – JD Brown
Maestro – CT, USA – Adam Berlingeri
Misprint – RI, USA – Brian Bouyea
Marhaba – UK – Mikel Iriarte
Matriarch – UK – Andrew Elliot
Meat Pie – NY, USA – David Royal & Andrew Peters
Menorah – NJ, USA – William L. Bozarth
TINNITUS – UK – Gav Chuckie Steel
Marsupials – Australia – Nathan Armstrong
Magnifying Glass – FL, USA – Matt Cairnes & Brandon Pickering
Manscaping – NV, USA – Mike Lenzini
Misfortune – Canada – Neil Mackay
Motorboat ­ KS, USA ­ Tyler Schmied
5:15pm Short Film Block
5:15pm Monstro 11:00
5:26pm Knock Knock 13:15
5:40pm Idol Threats 10:00
5:50pm Waterbourne 10:00
6:00pm Christmas Eve Massacre 7:00
6:07pm BZz 1:30
6:09pm Dinner Party 6:00
6:15pm No Egg On The Pizza 10:30
6:26pm Counter Parts 13:00
6:39pm Die Like A Dog 7:00
6:46pm Your Cold Black Heart 6:30
6:53pm Missing 13:45
7:07pm House of Ill Fame 10:00
7:17pm Pity 7:15 Q&A
7:45pm Local Block
7:45pm Asian Carpnado 10:00 Q&A
8:00pm Mr. Snuggles 8:00
8:10PM Human Touch 8:00 Q&A
8:30pm Creeper 1:00:00
9:30pm Call Girl Of Cthulhu 1:30:00
11:00pm Late Night Double Feature 1:30:00

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: The HALLOWEEN Franchise (Part III)


On this a special night, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield and Andrew Beirl review both of Rob Zombie’s Halloween films as well as give their recommendations for horror movies that you must check out this Halloween. The fun starts tonight at 10PM central, so don’t miss it!!

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Halloween Franchise (Part III)

Horrific Brand New “Dismembering Christmas” Posters




We have FOUR brand new Dismembering Christmas posters to share with you incredible slasher fans. You guys are really killing it when it comes to these amazing designs. We can’t thank you enough and we are ready to get gory with this holiday slasher. Hope you guys are as ready as we are!!

A special thank you (in order) to Garreth Gibson Illustrations, Jeff Quick, Austin Hinderliter, Joseph Henson, and Noah Nicholas Nelson for creating these fantastic posters!

Make sure to like the official FB page for updates on the film:
Dismembering Christmas Facebook



Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: The HALLOWEEN Franchise (Part II)


On a brand new episode of Slasher Studios Horror Podcast our hosts Andrew Beirl and Kevin Sommerfield will be reviewing the next batch of HALLOWEEN films in the killer Michael Myers series. It’s going to be a gory good time and the fun starts tonight at 10PM central. Don’t miss it!!

To listen in live or to check out an archive:
Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: The HALLOWEEN Franchise (Part II)

FREE Poster & Shipping With “Don’t Go to the Reunion” DVD Purchase


Now through Halloween weekend, we are giving away a free 11 x 17 Don’t Go to the Reunion poster as well as free shipping with every DVD purchase through Slasher Studios. It makes for a bloody good gift and we want to share the slasher goodness with you. Lots of special features (check out the list below). Remember, these are region free dvds with exclusive extras you won’t find anywhere else and you must purchase through the link below to receive your free poster.

Killer Features
* Audio Commentary with the filmmakers
* Trailer
* Blooper Reel
* “Class of 2004″ Yearbook
* Slasher Studios short films (Teddy, Popularity Killer, Blood Brothers)

Plot synopsis:
Scott Rantzen (Brady Simenson) is a horror movie loving misfit who is teased by the popular students in school. When a date with the very popular and very beautiful Erica Carpenter (Stephanie Leigh Rose) backfires, he feels as though his life is ruined. Ten years later, the gang reunite for their class reunion. Little do they know that someone is waiting for them and ready to see that they pay for what they did. Is Scott back for revenge and will the old gang survive to tell the tale? It’ll be more gore for Class of 04.

Get your special edition DVD today.

Don’t Go to the Reunion DVD

Brand New “Dismembering Christmas” Posters & Shooting Info


We have some exciting Dismembering Christmas news to share as well as two brand new posters. We have our location and shooting dates have officially locked and we will be filming in Northern Wisconsin from January 11th through January 24th. Slasher Studios ready to do some snow slashing so let’s get that blood pouring! As for the two brand new posters, the top poster has been created by Austin Hinterliter, who created our amazing Don’t Go to the Reunion DVD artwork, and the bottom poster was created by Joseph Henson, co-creator of the holiday slasher, The Night Before Easter. Thanks guys for your incredible designs! Remember, we are accepting YOUR fan art through October 31st and the winner will be featured on either the upcoming DVD or Blu-Ray release of Dismembering Christmas!


31 Days of Horror: “Ouija” (2014) Review


When her friend Debbie (Shelley Hennig) dies in what appears to be a suicide, Laine (Olivia Cooke) thinks there’s more to her death and it may involve the Ouija board that was in her house. Laine then enlists the help of her boyfriend Trevor (Daren Kagasoff), her sister Sarah (Ana Cato), her friend Isabelle (Bianca A. Santos), and Debbie’s boyfriend Pete (Douglas Smith). The friends decide to use the same Oujia board the home where Debbie died. When they think they’ve made contact with Debbie, they feel they can finally put things to rest. However, something dark and sinister has broke through and they must figure out how to stop it.

Ouija is made from the much hated company known as Platinum Dunes, and it is a PG-13 horror film. This alone makes the horror community already hate it. However, this viewer found the film very entertaining film. It takes a simple idea as a Ouija board that’s been used in several supernatural films and throws into a very well-executed script. It does feature a few horror cliches such as people suddenly appearing, doors slamming, and even the cliche of the parents conveniently going out of town right when things are about to go down. However, the overall story is interesting and features a pretty decent, although not totally surprising twist. One thing I always give Platinum Dunes credit for is their excellent use of setting, filming style, and atmosphere. All of which shows up here. Many of the settings the characters find themselves help boost the the spook/creep factor, as does the cinematography and set design. The film isn’t scary, but it does a great job of providing just enough a creep factor to put the viewer in the right mind-set. And it does have seem genuine creepy moments, especially in the final act. The young cast also does very well with their roles, we believe them as a young group of kids, and they come off as pretty realistic. Olivia Cooke in particular who is known from the popular series Bates Motel shows that she can definitely pull of the role of the main girl. We really believe her as a girl wanting to know the truth and eventually wanting to save her friends. Definitely one actress to keep an eye on. One thing that particularly makes the film enjoyable is an excellent cameo made by an actress very well known in the horror genre.

Ouija may be made by a company with a bad rep in the horror community, and it’s PG-13, featuring some horror cliches. But it is a very entertaining film with a fun story, a great cast, excellent and creepy atmosphere/settings, and some genuinely spooky moments. Easily the most enjoyable PG-13 horror film since Insidious.

–Cody Landman


“The Campground: Varsin’s Vengeance” Camps Out New IGG Campaign


The Studios 605 guys are at it again! They’ve started a campaign for their slasher sequel “The Campground: Varsin’s Vengeance” which features Marla Van Lanen from Slasher Studios’ very own “Don’t Go to the Reunion” & “Dismembering Christmas.” Check out the press release and indiegogo page below and pitch in a few bones if you can!

Press Release:
Attention Studio 605 fans! The guys behind The Woods Within, The Campground and Friday the 13th: The Curse of Jason are at it again this time raising funds for their anticipated slasher sequel “The Campground: Varsin’s Vengeance”!

Funds are currently being raised on Indiegogo and include a number of awesome rewards ranging from Getting killed on camera with full extra acting IMDb credits, Becoming a producer, to even name characters. They have a small goal of $3,000 to make his film happen and need you to help them make it.

You can visit the Indiegogo page and watch Director Roman Jossart’s pitch video and check out the casting announcements. Studio 605 ask if you can not donate to share the campaign and help make this film the film it deserves to be.

To become a backer: