Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: The Making of Dismembering Christmas


On a brand new Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield and Andrew Beirl will be discussing the making of Dismembering Christmas with some of the cast and crew behind the upcoming Slasher Studios slasher flick. The bloody good fun starts tonight at 10PM central so make sure to call in with your questions!

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: The Making of Dismembering Christmas

Slasher Sequel Review: “Wrong Turn 2: Dead End” (2007)


The original “Wrong Turn” was a surprise hit upon release in 2003. It featured Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Eliza Dushku and was a gory good time. In Wrong Turn 2, six semi celebrities take part in a survival reality show unknown to them that the reality is to survive! One-by-one they are being stalked by a creepy insane family of deformed cannibals as they have to learn the hard way that being on a reality show means putting on a show.

This 2008 sequel came actually as a very pleasant surprise to me as I was not expecting to like it nearly as much as I did. Although nowhere near the quality of the 2003 original, it still managed to completely shock me. Unlike the original, which was more tension then gore, this one takes on a new life of its own showing that horror has guts.

For the first act of this film, I wasn’t all that impressed by it. However, after the first few kills I
realized that I was in for some fun. Getting near the end, the film took on a Texas Chainsaw Massacre tone with the dinner table scene which I actually found to be very creepy.

As much as I love the original, I can safely say I would happily watch this again! Wrong Turn 2 Dead End is a fun and gory slasher film that is not afraid to sicken the audience. The acting at first was subpar but as the film went on the acting was reasonable. In fact, for a low budget, direct to video sequel, the acting was actually decent. It was a nice thing to see and helped the film along.

Overall this was a fun film and I say go see it!

–Ross Wilcock

FREE “Dismembering Christmas” Poster With “Don’t Go to the Reunion” DVD Purchase


To celebrate the wrap of principal photography on Dismembering Christmas, we are giving away a free 11 x 17 Dismembering Christmas poster as well as free shipping with every DVD purchase through Slasher Studios. It makes for a bloody good gift and we want to share the slasher goodness with you. Lots of special features (check out the list below). Remember, these are region free dvds with exclusive extras you won’t find anywhere else and you must purchase through the link below to receive your free poster.

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Plot synopsis:
Scott Rantzen (Brady Simenson) is a horror movie loving misfit who is teased by the popular students in school. When a date with the very popular and very beautiful Erica Carpenter (Stephanie Leigh Rose) backfires, he feels as though his life is ruined. Ten years later, the gang reunite for their class reunion. Little do they know that someone is waiting for them and ready to see that they pay for what they did. Is Scott back for revenge and will the old gang survive to tell the tale? It’ll be more gore for Class of 04.

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Principal Photography Wrap on “Dismembering Christmas”


Over the last two and a half weeks, the cast and crew of Dismembering Christmas have been working around-the-clock on filming this killer slasher. We are pleased to announce it has been a bloody success and production couldn’t have gone more smoothly. We are still looking at an early fall release date for the film and will keep you all up-to-date on the status of post production. We have hundreds of behind-the-scenes pics available to view on the official FB page through the link below. Thank you ALL for helping us make this dream come true!

80’s Slasher Throwback: “Prom Night” (1980) Review


Yesterday I saw Prom Night (1980) for the very first time, also as part of the ‪#‎80sHorrorWeek‬. I did see the 2008 remake by name only and I absolutely hated that movie. Well I’ve finally seen the original Prom Night and I must say I liked it. The movie begins interesting but the middle act is very slow and drags a lot. The story is well thought out however with developing the characters and setting up the story. Performances were all around modest to great, the standouts definitely were Jamie Lee Curtis, Leslie Nielsen, Eddie Benton, Casey Stevens and Michael Tough. Not all characters were exactly likeable or given some sort of backstory but the cast did a great job none the less. The screenplay felt fresh even though one can easily call it a rip-off from classics in the horror genre like Carrie and Halloween. The death scenes were very creative and one particular chase scene was very well executed.

The final act was truly brilliant and very fun to watch. The disco scenes were perfect yet hilarious and the soundtrack was easily one of the stronger and more memorable aspects of this 1980 slasher. The killer felt very human (read: imperfections) even though he could’ve been more menacing. The reveal of the killer was surprising and gave the movie a shocking but dramatic twist ending. For me the ending worked good as it ended like a drama and is just an extension of the high-school drama setting most of the film carries. The first hour of the movie plays more like a mystery/crime but the final act definitely gives slasher fans in particular something to chew on and then some. Paul Lynch did a great job directing this film, the detail to color is stunning and the 80’s style looks terrific. Its really flawed at parts and there needed to be more tension in the middle act but I still appreciated and enjoyed this 1980 slasher for what it was.

Some of the police scenes should’ve been left out as they lead to nowhere and only added to the running time. Also more detail to the dialogue would’ve had been pleasant. Still this 1980 slasher is MUCH better and superior in every sense of the word to the godawful 2008 remake by name only. I highly recommend Prom Night (1980) to the die-hard slasher fans, this is one slasher you have to have seen at least once in your life. The movie doesn’t come without its problems but the positive outweigh the negative. I’ve seen much better slashers though…

–Ferdi Akkulak

Horror Review: “Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning” Loses A Bit of Bite


Today I watched Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004) for the first time. I have seen both Ginger Snaps (2000) and Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed (2004) before and both were definitely outstanding in their own ways. Great and refreshing entries in the horror genre. With a prequel that was shot back-to-back with the first sequel it was interesting to see what approach the makers of the Ginger Snaps franchise were taking.

Well I have watched the prequel and I must say that it kind of disappointed me. Sure, the movie looks good. Its well shot, the cinematography is outstanding, the locations look great and the performances by Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins were as strong as usual. The werewolves looked scary and were overall an improvement over the previous installments. Also this is quite possibly the bloodiest entry in the Ginger Snaps franchise. The soundtrack is good, but not as moody and effective as in the first two movies. The story looked interesting on paper and I held my breath with the entire ‘prequel’ idea and it completely backfired and flawed in my opinion. This ‘prequel’ works FAR better as a standalone film with the original cast members or even as a remake of the original with a different time setting, this is in NO way connected to the first two Ginger Snaps movies, or as part of the ‘Trilogy’.

It does not make sense and it rather felt like the original film in a different jacket and with less than stellar returns. This was very dumb and lazy on the part of the writers. I also thought this movie had a slow start and suffered from a lack of genuine scares. Its great that the biting humor of the first two movies was still present here, especially for the time setting. The chemistry between the sisters were strong as ever, and while I didn’t hate this movie the ‘prequel’ card it played was unnecessary and confusing to the viewer. I still recommend it, especially if you were a fan of the first two movies and/or the cast. Just watch it as a standalone film to avoid confusion.

–Ferdi Akkulak

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Best Horror Movies of 1984


On a special episode of Slasher Studios horror podcast, our hosts Andrew Beirl and Kevin Sommerfield will be discussing their favorite movies of 1984 as a way to wrap up the 2014 year. What horror movies stand the test of time 30 years later? Listen to our latest podcast and find out!

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Best Horror Movies of 1984

80’s Slasher Review: “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” (1984)


Today I watched Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) for the first time. Its been a couple months since I’ve last seen a Friday the 13th installment. I was hoping for ‘The Final Chapter’ to be an improvement over the mediocre Part 3. Was it?!

Rest assured I can tell that Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter is with no doubt an improvement over Friday the 13th Part 3. The characters weren’t necessarily less stereotype than in the previous installments, but they were for most part likeable this time around as was the complete opposite in Part 3. However, the characters weren’t given much backstory or even a smidge of development that would’ve ultimately made them more memorable. I blame the script for that as the actors tried their best with what they were given. Kimberly Beck is not an amazing actress by all means but in my opinion she pulled it off as the ‘final girl’ as opposed to Dana Kimmell in Part 3. She isn’t the bravest, smartest or toughest but she wasn’t given that much to do either. Corey Feldman did a solid job as Tommy Jarvis, very interesting character but too bad he wasn’t on screen a lot. Other notable actors like Peter Barton, Crispin Glover and Joan Freeman were fun in this sequel.

The plot gets more formulaic with every installment in the franchise but it definitely never manages to upset me. The deaths were creative and also a tad more fast paced this time around and the blood/make-up effects were fantastically done, thanks to the legendary Tom Savini. The soundtrack is effective as ever and the same goes to the direction, which is well done by Joseph Zito. The final act is definitely surprising enough and keeps the tension alive. This installment is nowhere near as good as the original, Part 2 and Part 7 for that matter but its a step up from Part 3. The 80’s style is amazing and these movies always tend to score high on the ‘fun factor’, its nice to see the focus wasn’t on Jason Voorhees the entire time. Good installment for better or worse, its a must-see for horror and slasher fans alike. Definitely NOT the final chapter.

–Ferdi Akkulak