Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Best/Worst Horror of 2014


On this week’s special Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our hosts Andrew Beirl and Kevin Sommerfield will be picking their best and worst picks for horror in 2014. Find out what movies made the killer cut at the link below and make sure to subscribe to the Slasher Studios Horror Podcast to make sure you never miss an episode.

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Best/Worst Horror of 2014

Gas Station/Convenience Store Location Needed For “Dismembering Christmas”


Fellow Wisconsin friends, we need your help! We are looking for a gas station or small “mom & pop” convenience store for one day of filming (Tuesday, January 13th) on Dismembering Christmas. If possible, we are looking for one that is in either the Wausau or Rhinelander area (or as close to the area as possible). The business and contact person will both receive a special thanks credit in the final film. If you can help us out, let us know at [email protected] We would GREATLY appreciate it and let me know ASAP!

OPEN CASTING: Two Actresses Needed for “Dismembering Christmas”


Slasher Studios is looking for two young actresses (18-25) for Dismembering Christmas. We will be filming in the Rhinelander area from January 11th through January 24th. This is our second feature film after the award-winning Don’t Go to the Reunion. While it is a no-pay gig, it is a great way to add material to your reel, receive an IMDb credit, and be featured in a movie that will be seen at film festivals all over the world.

These are two roles we are looking to cast:

Emma (supporting role, needed January 11th-16th, 18th, and 20th), age 18. Smart and sassy with a hell of a sarcastic tone. She is independent and isn’t afraid to speak her mind with a little bit of an edge to her words.

Lauren (supporting role, needed January 11th-16th), age 18. Good-natured and easy-going, she is the life of the party. Not afraid to have a good time and have fun.

If interested, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we can send you some sides to record a video audition. We are looking to cast these roles ASAP so don’t delay!

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Favorite College Slashers


On this week’s brand new Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our Slasher Studios hosts Kevin Sommerfield and Andrew Beirl will be discussing their favorite college slasher films. Make to listen to an archive at the link below to find out which films make the final cut.

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Favorite College Slashers

Underground Horror: “The Pyramid” (2014) Review


A group of archeologists and a documentary crew embark to a location near Cairo, Egypt. Discovery of an underground pyramid has been uncovered and the crew seeks to learn more about it. Upon entering the pyramid they find themselves lost, and eventually hunted. To find a way out alive, they must go further into the crypt and learn all of its secrets.

Alexandre Aja who brought us the Hills Have Eyes and Piranha remakes, as well as High Tension, and Mirrors returns to the big screen this time as writer and producer. The film initially had a wide release but ultimately was cut to just under 600 theaters. This is rather unfortunate because it ended up being a rather entertaining and intense film unlike the earlier “underground” horror film As Above So Below. Ever since High Tension, Aja has always had a knack for bringing on intensity and atmosphere in his horror films, even if they didn’t end up being that great as a whole. While The Pyramid does feature several formulaic aspects, they work out well here. Once events begin to really begin, so does the intensity. There are many instances where the characters find themselves roaming in the dark and you anticipate something to jump out, as well as just situations that leave the viewer tense. Despite being half found-footage and half actually films, the two are blended together very well, making the atmosphere and intensity even stronger. As for the story itself, it was pretty engaging, it was enjoyable to have the mysteries of the pyramid unleashed the further they got into the structure (which tends to happen right?), it leads to a final act that left me thinking different theories of how it’s going to possibly end as opposed to just one no-brainer ending.

The acting by the cast pretty well-done, as was the character development. Ashley Hinshaw who plays the lead, Nora, a young archeologist with a surprising amount of knowledge of tombs and their history, does well with the role when it comes to showing fear and expressing the emotional moments. Denis O’Hare plays Hinshaw’s acheologist father as well as the leader of the group with the knowledge and the plan. The actor who stood out most to me was James Buckley who plays cameraman Fitzie. Buckley provides a lot of the humor in the film and is the one who basically speaks for the audience in certain situations. For the most part, the characters are all likable except Christa Nicola who plays Sunnie, the journalist conducting the documentary. She’s the character who is just so annoying you can’t wait for her to die. Other than that character, everyone is fairly likable.

Alexandre Aja delivers to horror fans another solid, yet not entirely original film. If you’re looking for an entertaining film purely for fun thrills, some humorous moments, creepy atmosphere, and intensity, The Pyramid is well-worth seeing. If there is a theater near you showing it.

–Cody Landman

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Terror in the Air: “7500” (2014) Review


Last Friday I finally saw 7500 for the very first time. I literally waited almost three years to see this movie. I was so pumped after I saw the trailer way back in early 2012, the anticipation was killing me. It sucks that CBS Films put this one on the shelf for two whole years. At some point I thought this movie would never come out. The studio really dropped the ball with this movie. Well I finally saw it and let’s just say that I now get why it got shelved for so long.

The concept might’ve looked interesting on paper and had potential but the execution is rather disappointing. There were so many possibilities with the story and the outcome felt very far fetched. I also thought that the CGI looked pretty bad but that is to blame on the small production budget. I also loathed the ending, it felt rushed and completely made me forget everything I had seen before. The running time is a shameful 76 minutes and I honestly thought it should’ve been longer.

There were, of course, some positive things to note. Although 7500 didn’t meet my high expectations, I still thought it was an entertaining horror flick. The suspense is really well crafted and characters are well written and developed. The standout performances definitely belonged to Scout Taylor-Compton, Jamie Chung, Leslie Bibb, Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart and Christian Serratos. The directing was solid and the great shots in the airplane made the experience of watching more intense. This movie also has a great score.

I’m glad I’ve finally seen this movie but it was a tad disappointing and wasn’t really worth the 3 year wait. However, I highly recommend it to hardcore horror fans for the star studded cast and director alone.

–Ferdi Akkulak

Indie Horror Review: “Bad Kids Go to Hell” (2012)


Bad Kids Go To Hell follows the story of a group of misfit teens who are all stuck in Saturday detention together. As the day goes on, things begin to take a rather creepy turn as the library that they are serving detention in is rumored to be haunted. As strange things begin to happen, it becomes a game of life or death as the teens try everything to escape from the locked up library.

This was a very interesting film to watch. It had been marketed as “The Breakfast Club gone horror” and that, at first, it certainly was. Even though the film was not as good as I hoped it would be, it was still a very fun watch. I don’t know if I would watch it again any time soon but I would recommend it to those people who are into indie horror films.

The acting was actually pretty solid for this kind of film. The only real negative of this film was that they went with a predictable plot and then tried to turn it on its head with twists and turns. For the most part, this was pretty interesting and kept me interested. I feel though that this was more a TV movie kind of film than anything that would actually play in a cinema. As a fan of many TV horror movies, this is by far a great film for that platform.

Taking into account the success of such TV Movies as Sharknado and Dark Night of the Scarecrow, it just shows that mediocre films of this standard can be a hit with audiences. This is why I feel this film really belongs in that category as a TV movie. However, to be fair, it was released in the UK in 2014 direct to DVD from 101 Films.

Overall I enjoyed the film for the most part. The ending was a little bit of a let down but I know many people will in fact enjoy it. After watching the film, I was left thinking about it and the more I think about it the more I actually like it. However, take my advice, if you see this film on Netflix or on any On Demand service certainly give it a watch. If you are in the mood for a cheesy horror film go and buy it but I would wait until the price if a little more like £5 or lower.

–Ross Wilcock

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Best Holiday Horror Movies


On a brand new episode of Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our hosts Andrew Beirl and Kevin Sommerfield will be discussing their favorite holiday horror movies. Underrated gems that deserve their own special day. The fun starts at 10PM central so make sure to listen in live or check out an archive of the show!

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Best Holiday Horror Movies