Action Thiller Delivers The Goods: “88” (2015) Review


Katharine Isabelle is back with a vengeance! 88 follows the story of Dwen a young women who is seeking revenge on the people whom she thinks brutally murdered her boyfriend. With nothing but revenge on her mind she ultimately puts herself and those who try and help her in dangerous.

88 comes to us from director April Mullen and stars horror icon Katharine Isabelle who takes on the lead role in this gripping thriller. 88 was actually the first film I saw of 2015 and I must say it is a shockingly brilliant thriller. Running at just 88 mins it was exciting from start to finish.

The film introduces new ideas for the audience and makes you think about new and interesting concepts which before you may not have thought about. The ideas and themes which are raised in this film should alone be a credit to it as it makes it more than just your average revenge thriller.

There were moments in the film where the tension is so high you can’t take your eyes off the screen. Katahrine Isabelle is mesmerizing as always and another reason why your eyes will be glued to the screen.

There are many scenes of awesome gore effects and blood splatter that makes this film brilliant for gore fans out there but doesn’t overuse the gore factor. Without giving too much away, one shockingly moment that got me finds Gwen (Isabelle) in a motel bathroom pulling back a shower curtain. That scene stuck with me for some time after the film ended mainly for the fact it was so unexpected.

As the film reaches its suspenseful ending, I actually didn’t want the film to end as I felt that it was completely brilliant in every way. However, the ending might be a bit of a let down for some people in its predictability but, for me, I loved it! I thought the ending (although I kind of seen it coming) was still unexpected in many way. That I gasped at the end tells you that I enjoyed the film.

Overall, I can not recommend this film enough horror fans, crime film fans and thriller fans across the board anyone will like this but as with most films it will not be for everyone.

88 received a US DVD and Blu-Ray release from Mulenium Entertainment in January 2015 with a Canadian Release expected for March 2015. The film makes its world premiere at Glasgow Fright Fest this Friday.

–Ross Wilcock

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: John Carpenter


On a special director themed episode of Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield and Andrew Beirl discussed their favorite and not so favorite films from director John Carpenter. Includes reviews of Halloween, Someone’s Watching Me, The Fog, The Thing, In the Mouth of Madness, Village of the Damned, and The Ward. Click on the link below to listen to an archive.

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: John Carpenter

“Dismembering Christmas” T-Shirts Now Available For Preorder


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From “Disturbing” to “Mary”: Katharine Isabelle


As fan of Katharine Isabelle and with it being Women in Horror month I thought I would take some time to talk about some of my favorite Katharine Isabelle horror films. The following list spreads through her entire career.

Disturbing Behavior – 1998

Disturbing Behavior takes us all the way back to 1998 when Katharine had a supporting role in the cult teen horror/sci-fi hit Disturbing Behavior in which she plays the sister of James Marsden.

This film follows the story of two teens played by James Marden and Katie Holmes who, after noticing some changes in their classmates at school, learn that the adults in the town have some very disturbing things planned for the teenagers in the town.

Although her role was just supporting, Katharine does play a vital role especially as the film reaches its climax. She joins forces with Marsden and Holmes to try and solve the mystery of the town.

Even from this early role she played a key role in horror and that was just the beginning.

Early Television Appearances

Katharine has also had some very memorable cameos in some of the best horror tV shows including Smallville, The X-Files and, of course, her brilliant performance as Ava in the smash CW Supernatural drama Supernatural.

In TV, she went from cameo to leading/supporting roles after having a 10 episode role in the US version of the British horror cult series Being Human.

These roles, although memorable, are just a few of the small reason why Katie belongs in the horror hall of fame.

Ginger Snaps – 2000

In 1999 Katie won the leading role alongside friend Emily Perkins in the critically praised Canadian werewolf cult classic Ginger Snaps.

Following the story of two sisters, Ginger and Bridget, who make a promise to be together forever. However, after Ginger is attacked by a strange creature one night, things change for the two and things take a rather sinister. Ginger begins to change not just as her teenage hormones start to come into play but her actions become animal like as well. Bridget has to decide to save herself or die with her sister.

Ginger Snaps had a bit of a rough start in Canada and the USA, despite the film gaining critical praise at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival. It wasn’t until the films international release that audiences began to take notice of this Canadian horror gem.

Ginger Snaps is still Katie’s bigger role to date. Ginger Snaps is something to be proud of and is one of the best and most respected horror films in the genre. The film is gaining more and more fans as the years go by.

Freddy Vs. Jason – 2003

In 2003, Katharine joined the ranks of such iconic actress as Adrienne King, Amy Steel and Heather Langenkamp when she made her slasher movie franchise debut in Freddy vs Jason. The film sees the return of two of horrors most iconic villains: Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. FvJ sees the two joining forces to take out the new generation of Elm Street teens and making nightmares a reality once again.

Katharine was originally supposed to play the lead role of Lori (which ultimately went to Dawson’s Creek star Monica Keena) but the director wanted her to take on a “more challenging” role. This lead to much conflict between Katie and the director. In the end, Katharine ended up playing the role of Lori’s best friend Gibb.

Ginger Snaps 2 & 3 – 2004

After FVJ, Katharine and co-star Emily Perkins returned to their iconic roles when Ginger Snaps returned with a series of back-to-back sequels. With Katharine playing a more supporting role in the 2004 sequel Ginger Snaps: Unleashed. Unleashed follows the story of Ginger’s sister after the events of the original. Her role is still very important, but limited, as she was guiding Bridget through the transformation.

Katharine returned as a leading role in the prequel Ginger Snaps: The Beginning. This saw the two sisters in the 18th century. It was a period piece rehash of the original in which we find out the blood line would forever be cursed with the Werewolf curse.

Although the Ginger Snaps sequels were mainly released to DVD in most countries, fans were pretty pleased with the overall films.

American Mary – 2012

It was not until the 2012 breakout hit American Mary that Katharine once again proved that she was the queen of horror. American Mary was the second film from horror directors Jen and Sylvia Soska. The film saw Katharine return to a leading role in what is now her most iconic roles since Ginger Snaps. She took on this very challenging role which earned her well deserved mainstream praise with Universal Pictures in the UK picking up the film and Anchor Bay in the USA and Canada.

After the success of American Mary, Katharine took on roles in some indie comedies such as Random Acts of Romance. It was not until 2013 that she once again returned to her horror routes in the Canadian Zombie horror (and one of my personal favorite films of hers) 13 Eerie. Following this she appeared in the 2013 home invasion thriller Torment.

Present Work

In 2014 Katharine joined forces once again with Jen and Sylvia Soska in the 2014 Horror sequel See No Evil 2 which saw her staring for the first time with another horror legend, Scream Queen Danielle Harris.

As well as a crime thriller called Primary in 2014 Katharine seems to be making her mark in the crime thriller genre as noticeably seen in the 2015 action thriller 88 which is set to make its UK debut at Glasgow Fright Fest. Most recently it was her role as Margot Verger in the NBC horror series Hannibal which got her a more mainstream reputation.

–Ross Wilcock

Slasher Sequel Review: “Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood” (1988)

friday new

Today I watched Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988). This was the first Friday the 13th installment I had ever watched, I saw it on VHS a few years back. Now that I’ve seen Parts 1-6 and reviewed all those already I decided to give Part 7 another spin so I could write a review for it as well. In my honest opinion, I think ‘The New Blood’ is one of my personal favorites of the Friday the 13th franchise. And not only because it was the first installment I had ever seen. There is something about this well thought out concept that is inventive yet original. Especially it being the 7TH installment in a long running franchise, I have to say I’m very impressed.

It is a very fun and entertaining sequel with some very good death scenes. (although there is an obvious lack of gore in them, which we can blame the MPAA for!) The characters are well written and very straightforward, one of the many aspects I loved of this sequel. Lar Park Lincoln was absolutely amazing as Tina Shepard. Great performance and one bad-ass and resourceful final girl! Also really loved the late Susan Jennifer Sullivan as Melissa, probably one of the best bitchy characters in horror movie history. She’s truly memorable! Also loved Susan Blu, Diana Barrows and Kevin Spirtas in this sequel. Kane Hodder makes for a frightening and surprisingly human Jason Voorhees, quite possibly my favorite Jason! The telekinesis aspect in this movie is quite great. The soundtrack, directing and dark humor are also very outstanding. I wish the running time was a bit longer but I can still recommend this classic 80’s slasher sequel to everyone. It’s not perfect but it damn sure is enjoyable to watch every single time.

Wanna read some more reviews of mine? Visit Ferdi’s Movie World and you can find plenty of more!

–Ferdi Akkulak

Slasher Sequel Review: “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives” (1986)


Today I watched Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986) for the first time. I had seen parts 1 till 5 before and my favorites of those are definitely the original and Part 2. The rest felt either just good (Part 4) or just utterly bad (Part 3). While I did hear a lot of praises about Jason Lives I wasn’t that sure if I’d love it as well. Well I’ve seen it and its suffice to say that it’s one of my favorite entries in the Friday the 13th franchise! In my opinion its MUCH better than 3, 4 and 5.

This installment definitely took me by surprise since I noticed a downward spiral ever after Part 2 of the franchise. It was fun, campy and I loved the characters and especially the deaths. The performances weren’t exactly mindblowing but I am willing to admit that Jennifer Cooke as Megan became one of my favorite Friday the 13th final girls! A very sassy and likeable character that you gotta love. Also Thom Mathews as Tommy Jarvis was fantastic, my favorite ‘Jarvis’ performance of the three actors that portrayed the character from 4-6. Much better acting abilities and let’s not forget about his very charming looks! This sequel totally justified Jason Voorhees as he strikes back with a vengeance. The dark humor in this sequel was on point and I love how little I knew about this installment which made the whole experience even more awesome.

The soundtrack is superb with the highlight being the ‘He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)’ song by Alice Cooper! Loved this sequel from beginning to end, from the rad ‘Jason Bond’ opening credits to the jamming end credits. It had some minor flaws but none too drastic. Highly recommend this slasher sequel to anyone, I was blown away by its awesomeness!

Wanna read some more reviews of mine? Visit Ferdi’s Movie World and you can find plenty of more!

–Ferdi Akkulak

“Dismembering Christmas” Cuts Up Brand New IndieGoGo Campaign


Last month we finished production on our second Slasher Studios feature film, Dismembering Christmas. We had a bloody blast making this holiday horror film and we can’t wait to show all the slasher fans out there the final film. In order to get the film out to as many people as possible, we are looking for a little extra help in raising money for our blu-ray release. If we can raise $1500, we can make an additional 300 blu-rays to give out to backers as well as take to horror cons. We have some once-in-a-lifetime rewards available to so check it out and thanks for supporting indie slashers!!

Become an Indiegogo backer today here: Dismembering Christmas Indiegogo

About the film:
In 2013, Slasher Studios we released our first slasher feature entitled Don’t Go to the Reunion. After playing in over a dozen film festivals and winning several awards (including Best Actress at Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival and Audience Choice at Killer Film Fest). Now, we are ready to deck the halls with lots of bodies!

A tribute to the glory days of holiday horror, Dismembering Christmas can best be described as Friday the 13th meets Black Christmas. Have you ever wanted a Friday the 13th set in the winter? did Slasher Studios and that’s why they created this movie just for you. Practical effects from beginning to end, likable characters, and a kick ass final girl…what more could you want in a slasher?

It was supposed to be a holiday vacation they would never forget, not a holiday vacation they would never survive.

When Mark and his friends go up to his fathers new vacation home for Christmas vacation, they were ready for a fun time. Out in the middle of nowhere, the house is cheerfully decorated for Christmas. But an unknown visitor is there, and one by one they are murdered. Its Christmas and not a creature is stirring except the killer in the house…

Our top backer on this campaign will receive the below Jason handpainted artwork by Zachary Allen. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own a kick ass piece of art. The winner of the painting will be announced the day after the Indiegogo campaign ends.


Valentine’s Day Killer Sale From Slasher Studios


As a special Valentine’s Day treat, we are now offering our first slasher, Don’t Go to the Reunion, at the lowest price it has ever been! Order your DVD for just $10 while supplies last. All orders come with a FREE Don’t Go to the Reunion poster. DON’T miss this killer deal and thanks again slasher fans!

Plot synopsis:
Scott Rantzen (Brady Simenson) is a horror movie loving misfit who is teased by the popular students in school. When a date with the very popular and very beautiful Erica Carpenter (Stephanie Leigh Rose) backfires, he feels as though his life is ruined. Ten years later, the gang reunite for their class reunion. Little do they know that someone is waiting for them and ready to see that they pay for what they did. Is Scott back for revenge and will the old gang survive to tell the tale? It’ll be more gore for Class of 04.

Loaded with Special Features!
* Audio Commentary with the filmmakers
* Teaser Trailer
* Blooper Reel
* “Class of 2004″ Yearbook
* Audition Reels
* Slasher Studios short films (Teddy, Popularity Killer, Blood Brothers)

Don’t Go to the Reunion