Family Bonding: MOM AND DAD (2018) Review

Parents in a small town suddenly turn on their children and start killing them. Carly and Josh eventually find themselves trapped in their house with their crazed parents and must now fight back against them.

This is a film that might discourage many due to the subject matter. But for those who enjoy some good dark humor/horror will enjoy this film. Granted there are some parts that might put at a little unease, it kind of adds to the intensity. The reason for the parents going crazy isn’t revealed, but it plays with certain ideas involving parents just getting fed up with their kids and instead sarcastically saying they’re going to kill them, they actually do it. It’s a weird blend of almost zombie and slasher horror. The parents don’t act like zombies, but there’s one big sequence where it’s filmed like a zombie film involving a big group of parents outside the local high school. And along with that there are a few chase scenes that play out like slasher chase scenes. One sequence in particular towards the end involving a grandfather, father, and son as well as mother-in-law, mother, and daughter is just a blast to watch. What brings the most fun to this film is just how over-the-top it is, especially from the performances. Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair as the lead parents are fantastic and are clearly having a blast in their roles and easily deliver one of their best performances. The whole cast does a great job. Unfortunately it’s not without its flaws. It definitely could have had more development of the family before the events began. We get some flashbacks as the events unfold, but I feel it wasn’t enough to really service the family and make you hope for a positive outcome. And most of all, the very end is frustrating as hell, there’s no real payoff or major showdown between the kids and parents, it just abruptly ends. And when it ends, you feel like there should be at least another fifteen minutes. I apologize if that may come off as too big of a spoiler, but it has to be said.

Despite the disappointing ending and some underdevelopment, it’s still a fun comedy-horror that I would recommend, even just for Cage and Blair’s performances alone.

–Cody Landman

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Slasher Studios Interview: Noah Nicholas Nelson (PROM QUEEN)

Filmmaker Noah Nicholas Nelson has been a good friend of Slasher Studios for a long time now. In addition to being an aspiring filmmaker, he has also created some amazing artwork for our upcoming film IRRATIONAL FEAR. Today we had a chance to chat with Noah about his upcoming horror film PROM QUEEN, which is currently slashing up Indiegogo.

How would you describe your history with the horror genre?

I’ve religiously watched horror since virtually the day I was born. My grandma and older brother were always devoted horror fans, so I had a huge VHS collection accessible at both my home and any time I visited my grandma’s house. One of my first cinematic experiences I remember is watching The Car (1977) with my grandma. Although classified as a thriller, I still remember it being my introduction to how cinematic wide landscapes and the use of letterbox can be and I would still credit it for influencing me seek out thrillers and genre-benders as I got older. Despite being only 17, I make it my mission each year to broaden my horizons and knowledge of cinema. Dario Argento has always been my favorite horror director since discovering Suspiria. I’m still fascinated to this day by how much effort he put into every single frame of that film. Each shot could be framed in a museum. It’s that jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Excuse me for always finding a way to incorporate my undying love for Suspiria in each interview I do. It’s tradition at this point.

What made you decide to write Prom Queen?

I’ve always had a fascination with looking through old family photos and school yearbooks. There’s something magical about finding a special memory that strikes a chord. I’ve looked through some yearbooks where people will point out “oh, s/he was very popular!” and you always sort of wonder in the back of your mind what happens to those kids who were flying high in school. This is a story of where those people are now blended into the realm of horror/thriller.

What about this story makes it stand out from the other horror movies being made today?

At its core, this is a very cat-and-mouse type film. Simplicity has been my greatest demand regarding any ideas that me or my co-writer have thought of. I’ve studied some of the storytelling techniques of classic horror/thriller films from the ’60s and ’70s, even as far back as the ’30s to tell this tale. I think keeping the story focused around this woman who feels toxic to everyone around her can create horror within itself — perhaps moreso than the villain can supply.

Tell us about our current Indiegogo campaign for Prom Queen.

The campaign was created to raise as much funds as we could to make this the best it can possibly be. There was a great chance of the film being made without the campaign, but I can certainly say that it wouldn’t be half the film it will be without the support we’ve received. There are some incredible rewards for our gracious backers, including extremely limited-edition DVDs. There is a strong chance that less than 20 DVDs will ever be produced, so this is a very rare chance to own the film on physical media.

When/where do you plan on filming?

Filming will begin in my hometown in North Carolina in the early summer. I’m keeping cast and crew as local as I can, but I can promise that this will not compromise the quality of the film. Everyone involved is working their absolute hardest to make sure that this is the best it can possibly be with the resources available.

What plans do you have for the film once filming is complete?

I plan to have a final cut ready for release by this winter. Release will primarily be VOD, but as previously mentioned, a very limited DVD run will be available.

What specifically do you want to bring to the horror genre with this film?

I want to show that low-budget horror can be thrilling and chilling with a lot of heart. Each scene in this film (excluding the death scenes, of course) is deeply personal in some way — some of which I won’t reveal the reasons — but each scene was carefully devised to reflect a time in my, my family, or my friends’ lives. I want to bring “writing what you know” to a new and frightening level.

Where can readers go to find out more?

The film has official Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also find us on IMDb and Letterboxd.

Twitter: @pq2017

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Second Opinion: SPLIT (2017) Review

About a week and a half ago I watched “Split (2017)” in theaters with my sister. This movie is directed by M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense). The cast includes James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class), Anya Taylor-Joy (The VVitch), Betty Buckley (Carrie), Haley Lu Richardson (The Edge of Seventeen) and Jessica Sula (Skins). I was excited about this movie ever since I saw the trailer for the first time in theaters during previews. I am familiar with the work of Shyamalan, but so far I had only seen After Earth and I heavily disliked that movie. I definitely need to start watching more of his older work soon. Split was met with terrific reviews from critics and audiences alike. It wouldn’t come as a huge surprise that I ended up loving this movie as well.

Split is one of those films where a lot of things just work. The storyline is fresh, original and full of unexpected twists. The acting performances are top notch. James McAvoy easily delivers his best performance to date and does a fine job by making you feel uneasy with his multiple character portrayals. Anya Taylor-Joy is an absolute trailblazer in this movie. I have yet to watch The VVitch and Morgan, but I can see this being a career defining performance for Taylor-Joy. Her scenes with McAvoy’s multiple personalities were hands down the best scenes. Betty Buckley was tremendous every second and her character offers more insight into the movie. Haley Lu Richardson and Jessica Sula were both impactful during their limited amount of screen time. Shyamalan did outstanding in the writing and directing department. This movie revolved so much around character development and I think 50/50 of that aspect succeeded. I wish more of Kevin’s 23 distinct personalities would’ve “come to the light”.

The back and forth between present and past was a nice touch though and made the story more authentic. I took this movie very seriously unlike most audience members that misinterpreted things and started laughing about a mental disorder. The twist ending came out of nowhere and has left me with some homework to do. Split is a disturbing psychological horror with a message. Highly recommended!

–Ferdi Akkulak

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Who says you can’t celebrate holiday horror all year round? If you love holiday horror, Slasher Studios’ Dismembering Christmas is the movie for you. A tribute to the glory days of holiday horror, Dismembering Christmas can best be described as Friday the 13th meets Black Christmas. Have you ever wanted a Friday the 13th set in the winter? did Slasher Studios and that’s why they created this movie just for you. Practical effects from beginning to end, likable characters, and a kick ass final girl…what more could you want in a slasher?


It was supposed to be a holiday vacation they would never forget, not a holiday vacation they would never survive. When Mark and his friends go up to his fathers new vacation home for Christmas vacation, they were ready for a fun time. Out in the middle of nowhere, the house is cheerfully decorated for Christmas. But an unknown visitor is there, and one by one they are murdered. Its Christmas and not a creature is stirring except the killer in the house…

Audio commentary with Actor/Director Austin Bosley
Audio commentary with Writer/Producer Kevin Sommerfield
Fly on the Set: Making Of Dismembering Christmas
Theatrical Trailer
Teaser Trailer


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