Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” (1986)

Our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back with another slasher review, this one for the underappreciated sequel “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.” The first one was a huge hit with both horror fans and critics alike receiving rave reviews and huge box office ($30 million on a budget of less than $1 million is pretty damn impressive). Will the dark comedy of the sequel sit well with Tim or will he “buzz” it to shreds?

Thoughts before the film:
I watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the first time (don’t judge) a few weeks ago & LOVED it, I hope #TheTexasChainsawMassacre2 holds up!

Thoughts while watching:
0:02 Why did I not know Tom Savini did the makeup for this!? I love him.
0:03 So far, I’m diggin this music. A lot.
0:06 I have a feeling… That these guys are gonna die.
0:10 This bridge is pretty damn long.
0:19 That chili looks terrifying.
0:19 …and there was a tooth in it.
0:24 I’m not sure if the guy selling the chainsaws was scared or getting turned on by the cop…
0:36 This guy in the radio station is seriously freaking me out. Why is he lighting the hanger!?
0:36 Is he one of the brothers from the first movie? I can’t remember.
0:37 Never mind. I always answer my own question.
0:46 Hey stupid bitch, you’ve had like ten minutes to run away now.
0:48 This girl must have watched a lot of horror movies. She knew that if she called the cops, they would do nothing.
1:02 No way is he still alive. He got beat with a hammer, his face ripped off and most of his skin ripped off. Bs.
1:19 How is grandpa still alive!?
1:26 That chicken shit burrito man!
1:29 Why is Bill Moseley so good in this movie?
1:31 No Leatherface. You have a chainsaw in your stomach. You can’t fight anymore.

#TexasChainsawMassacre2 had a very different feel from the first one but in this case it worked. It was creepy, funny & I liked the story a lot. I also thought it was shot very well, like the first. I liked the lighting and the sets were really cool.

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