Overlooked Horror on Netflix Streaming: “Ju-on: White Ghost/Black Ghost” (2009)

This film is listed as NR, meaning it is Not Rated and it is two short films put together as one film. I watched this recently on Netflix and was in awe at how well this franchise is still going, here in America we had a direct to video 3rd entry and it shows how easily we give up on a franchise when it doesn’t feel important anymore, in Japan they continue to thrive.

The tension in this film was amazing to me, it really struck me that Japanese film making is still very much into “silent” horror and how it can be more effective than countless jump scares, not too mention seeing a dead evil walking fast toward you making a strange noise can be very unsettling. Toshio makes a few cameos, but the stories established in the previous film are not part of those story(although, we do see the house seen in those films).

There isn’t much more I can say, because I think its important for you to see this film for yourself. I will watch it again as it’ll also give me even more insight on the films history, its hard to understand 100% when you are half watching the film and half reading the film. I will say the film does move slow at times, but again this helps to amplify the tension and uncomfortable factor. I definitely recommend this over the direct to video The Grudge 3, which is just wrong…

–Eric Curto