Sci-Fi B-Movie Fun: “They Came From the Ether” (2014)


Are you a fan of the classic 1950’s b&w sci-fi B-movie features? Then grab your popcorn and and get ready for, “They Came From The Ether.” In this film, we meet up with our main character John. He is a failure as a door-to-door salesman and a magnet for bad luck. After a strange meeting with an alien life-form, John returns to his sales job with some amped technology. Will his luck turn around or will his new “friend” get the best of him?

This 90 minute film comes from the mind of James Pronath. James wears many hats as he steps up to the plate as director, writer and editor. With a very distinct vision if there ever was one, Pronath executes this film with precision. The black and white picture and classic science fiction score creates a fun film that harkens back to the movies of yesteryear.

The cheesy effects will give you a smile and a handful of the actors will widen that smile even more. Linnea Quigley, Judith O’Dea and Christopher D. Fisher as John, are all a warm welcome to the story. The quality of the actors has a definite eb and flow, but everything blends into a unique mesh of goodness. A few scenes may run a bit long, but the overall production value is solid with good looking cinematography and decent direction. If you come across this little gem, take a trip back in time and enjoy, “They Came From The Ether.”