“The Orphan Killer” Proves to Be a Delightfully Gory Treat

If you are into blood and gore then The Orphan Killer is the movie for you. From the mind of Matt Farnsworth, we are given a brutal, relentless and unforgiving killer. With blood on the walls, the bodies and just about everywhere imaginable, The Orphan Killer delivers kills that are not only imaginable, but down right insane.

A little girl and her brother sadly become orphans as their loving parents are murdered in cold blood as a home burglary turns deadly. The sister and her protective brother are sent off to an orphanage together, but end up leading completely different lives as they take separate paths out of the orphanage. The sister grows up to be a beautiful blonde and works as a dance teacher at a private religious school. Her brother, well, let’s just say he didn’t exactly make his sister proud.

Whether you’re into the story or not, you will love to be witness to the unbelievable deaths and bucket loads of blood. This serial killer sports a very creepy mask and uses a variety of weapons to end the lives of his victims. The blood in this film is picture perfect. The color and consistency is so realistic that it will leave you thinking twice about what you just saw.

The cinematography found here is amazing. From the birds eye views of the skyline to the slow dolly shots in the school, each frame of the film is crisp and clean and really raises the production value. The editing from time to time is very unique and stylish and fits well into the movie. So, if you are in the mood for a sick and disgusting blood filled film, then look no further than The Orphan Killer.