Craven’s Forgotten Classics: “The Fireworks Woman” (1975)

After a lifetime of repressing their desires, a brother and sister have sex with each other. But then the brother reverts back to repression, and becomes a priest, and his rejections lead the sister into rampant promiscuity. All of her escapades are revealed to him in confession, either by her, or the people she’s had sex with, and he’s finally driven crazy enough to pursue his lust, and incest prevails over faith, as it always shall.

It moves along at a quick pace, and has a pleasant dreamy quality, though there are still some rough scenes, and it’s kind of a troubling plot. The lead actress is pretty good, and nicely enthusiastic during the sex scenes. Wes Craven most likely directed (his position as such is not 100% confirmed, it’s credited to “Abe Snake”), and he also appears at random throughout, just hanging around and maybe keeping an eye on the lead. The purpose of his character is not entirely clear, but it’s fun to see him in it. Featuring incest, light S&M, rape, and orgies, it’s a good ‘70s porn film, with a great moody score, and is definitely worth a look for Craven fans. And/or ‘70s porn fans.

–Austin Wolf-Sothern