Chris Moore’s “Perversion” Plays as Creepy, Unnerving, and Unconventional Horror

Chris Moore’s latest film, Perversion, sets the tone for a creepy and unnerving horror/thriller. Moore wears a number of hats on this project as he takes on crew positions as well as the main character of Ryan. His determination, dedication and passion for this film are unquestioned within this little indie flick.

Ryan is a traumatized teen who is forced to peruse answers to a brutal past. With a stirring performance from Moore, he is able to let all his emotions out on screen and transfer them to the audience. As the outright star of the film, he has a bright future in the acting industry. His ability to let lose and submerge himself into the character really shows as he plays a range of emotions. The phone call monologue is evidence enough that Moore wanted to hold nothing back and show off his acting chops.

With any low budget film, there are some problems. The pacing, at times, drags far too long. The running time could be cut down a bit to better engage the audience and still tell the story at hand. This is a problem that can be found in just about every labor of love project out there. The filmmaker will almost always feel that every scene that was shot, is also needed to tell the story. However, less is usually more and in the case of Perversion, this holds true. Cuts here and there will reduce a long run time and help keep the audience on their toes just a little bit more.

Nonetheless, there is a very strong story to be told here and the wonderful acting (especially lead Chris Moore who is quite brilliant) and interesting flairs of brilliance throughout make for an unforgettable independent film. Perversion has a few tricks up it’s sleeves as effects and editing are concerned. The special effects and blood effects and on point and Moore, who also edited the piece, did a fine job intertwining shots together and making great use of jump cuts. The ending, in particular, holds a few nice surprises.

Perversion is raw and entertaining and has a certain charm that only the low budget horror films can produce. With passion behind a project, there are always great things in store. Perversion is no exception and delivers a great performance and story from Moore. He is a horror filmmaker and actor to keep an eye out for.