Tim’s Horror Tweet Reviews: “Carrie” (1976)

I’m about to unveil a huge confession of mine that not many people know about me…I don’t like Brian DePalma’s “Carrie.” I think many of the performances are over-the-top, the direction is overdone and the characters are too obnoxious to really care about. I know that I am in the minority here but I thought I should let that all out there before we start in on a brand new tweet by tweet review from our resident Twitter horror critic Tim Schilling. Most horror fans consider the film to be a classic. Let’s find out what Tim thinks of it.

Thoughts before the film:
I’ve seen this movie a few times, but never all at once. I always saw it in parts because it got me mad at how plain mean it is. ‪#Carrie‬

Thoughts while watching:
0:06 I just feel so bad for Carrie, all the time.
0:07 I read the book Carrie, but don’t remember much. Is this movie a fairly good adaption?
0:12 People like mrs. White annoy the crap outta me. Don’t preach to me.
0:16 Does the doll of Jesus in the closest freak anyone else out or am I the only one?
0:17 Thanks for locking me up in the closest mama.
0:26 This has some great music.
0:28 I wish the gym teacher slapped that bitch harder.
0:32 John travolta is pretty goofy looking.
0:35 How can she be talking while she’s goin down there!?
0:45 Prom? *cue thunder*
0:46 Everything is a sin to this bitch.
0:49 Notice how in older movies you can sneak into a school no problem,but now if you go near one at night the swat team is called.
0:53 “I can see your dirty pillows” they’re boobies mama.
1:07 I just wanna have prom again pls.
1:17 I honestly feel so bad for Carrie. This is why this movie makes me mad.
1:21 I’m glad your car flipped over and blew up.
1:30 Getting stabbed to death is turning this crazy woman on.
1:33 Creepy Jesus doll is creepy.
1:35 She’s a senior in high school, how is she gonna forget that all of her friends were killed at prom?

I guess as a film, ‪#Carrie‬ was good, but the whole story just upsets me in general. Why are people so fucked up. I’m upset after just watching it haha, but I thought it was made very well!

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