Tim’s Slasher Tweet Review: “Sleepaway Camp” (1983)

We have a brand new review from our our resident twitter reviewer Tim Schilling. Today he is taking a stab at the original gender bending slasher “Sleepaway Camp.” I’ve loved “Sleepaway Camp” ever since I saw it for the first time at the tender age of 7. Does Tim enjoy it as much as we do? Let’s read his slasher review as Tim heads to camp!

Thoughts before the film:
Not gonna lie, I didn’t like #SleepawayCamp the first time I saw it a million years ago. But, I saw the third one kinda recently (Editor’s note: The third is my favorite of the series) and loved it for some reason! So hopefully I’ll like it this time around. #SleepawayCamp

Thoughts while watching:
0:06 Wasn’t that nice of me? Hmmmmm??? Overacting at its finest
0:07 Their mom looks like a French Snow White.
0:09 I highly doubt all of these kids are THAT excited to be at camp that they have to sprint out the buses…
0:14 Holy freaking short shorts.
0:20 I don’t get how that first person died.
0:20 I mean, I do, but he couldn’t have jumped to the side of the pot..?
0:29 Is there supposed to be a story in this movie or something? Cause So far there’s nothing.
0:40 What’s with the dramatic music when they kiss? Hah.
0:56 Whoever plays Angela, I’m not sure if she’s the worst actress or best actress ever.
0:58 This girl’s boobs ain’t even that big, why is everyone all over her?
1:03 I don’t want it to be that obvious who the killer is…
1:12 How does one die from a curling iron?
1:14 I don’t get why the old guy is blaming the little kid for killing everyone, did I miss something? I was half asleep..
1:16 A candy wrapper on the ground of a camp full of kids. Evidence.
1:19 I love their mom’s overacting for some reason.
1:20 What the fuck Angela you freak! Holy crap.
1:20 That last scene was seriously creepy.

Idk why, but I loved #SleepawayCamp. Even with the terrible acting and the TONS of pointless scenes(the first half hour) I still liked it. I liked it more than Friday the 13th actually.

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