31 Days of Horror: Day 25: “Gravity” (2013)


In a special segment of Not Quite Horror we have a guest reviewer taking a look at the horror elements behind the sci-thriller hit “Gravity.” Thanks Cody Landman for your take on the flick.

The Monster: Space. Not since Alien(s) has outer space been so terrifying. The vast openness, distance, and lack of oxygen are only just a few characteristics of this terrifying monster.

The Horror: Being put on the same level as the same characters (the 3D really provides this). We slowly begin to feel the lack of oxygen our characters feel as we hold our breaths during the events in front of us. The distance, isolation, and fear of the unknown also bring the horror of the film.

The Shared Fate: Watching the horror unfold for our characters and really putting ourselves in their position, gasping for breath, and striving for the will and strength to survive.