Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Freddy Vs. Jason” (2003)


Tim Schilling is back to join Freddy AND Jason in a brand new tweet by tweet review, now looking at the film from “Jason’s” side.

Thoughts before watching:
Yes, I realize I already did a review for this movie. But this time I’ll be looking at it in the ‘Jason perspective.’

Thoughts while watching:
0:04 Just don’t question how Jason is alive and it all makes sense!
0:09 I think this is the first Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street movie I’ve ever seen actually.
0:13 The bed folding death is so gross.
0:14 What a convenient time for a cop to drive by.
0:28 This guy was trying to stop Freddy from coming back, but he goes and tells this in front of everyone. Good job.
0:33 Raaaaaaaveeeeee.
0:35 I love when that guy calls out Kia.
0:41 The dream part at the rave scene used to scare me so much.
0:54 Now that I think about it, this entire movie scared the shit outta me when I was a kid.
0:55 Legend has it? Jason killed hundreds of people!
1:05 Why are cops always useless?
1:06 Freddy pulled a Jason Goes to Hell.
1:07 Pinball Jason made me lol.
1:14 At least camp Crystal Lake is in driving distance from Elm Street.
1:18 His window fetish is back!
1:20 What is with the butter knifes? Kia is my favorite.

Overall: #FreddyVsJason is just awesome. The fight scenes are cool and it’s great to see these two guys in one movie.

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Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: Friday the 13th (1980)


Our one and only Twitter horror reviewer Tim Schilling is finally back and this time he is taking on the Friday the 13th series. Today we bring you the first three installments of the groundbreaking franchise starting with the original installment below. Tim has never been much of a Jason fan. Let’s see if that’s changed….

Thoughts before the film:
Starting the whole thing off with the one and only, the original #FridayThe13th

Thoughts while watching:
0:03 Sex in the first 5 minutes of a horror film is always a sign of trouble.
0:05 Rockin’ music. I forgot the title sequence was awesome but simple.
0:11 Ghosts, ha, yeah that’s what’s there.
0:16 Jean short shorts on guys can stay in the 80’s.
0:21 The scene when she jumps out of the car ALWAYS made me cover my eyes when I was younger.
0:23 If you were a flavored of ice cream what would you be?
0:27 Lets destroy the entire room to kill a poor little snake.
0:31 Ralph you’re a creepo.
0:39 Monopoly is my favorite game! I dare someone to try to beat me.
0:44 Can’t you guys hear someone screaming ch ch ch op op op!? They do it every time they are close!
0:56 Crazy people going outside in the rain. Dontcha know you’re gonna die?
1:03 This movie is a period piece.
1:08 What I like about this movie (compared to Halloween and ANOES) you don’t know who the killer is until the end.
1:08 And then they just change who the killer is for the second one.
1:14 Mrs. Voorhees is possibly the only good thing about this movie.
1:17 His name was Jason. He wasn’t a very good swimmer.
1:25 Scenes draaaaag on forever in this. If they were cut to show only what was needed, the movie would be an hour long.
1:30 But wait the last scene with Alice in the boat is one of the greatest things ever.

Overall: I’ll give credit to #FridayThe13th for the awesome idea of a serial killer in a summer camp, but other than that, it’s kinda boring. I didn’t care for any of the characters and there were tons of pointless scenes in it. You may now throw your tomatoes.

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