Tim’s Slasher Tweet Review: “Night of the Creeps” (1986)

Our guest Twitter film critic Tim Schilling takes a break from Chucky to take on one of my all time favorite zombie classics from the 1980’s: the wonderfully entertaining and extremely funny “Night of the Creeps.” Slasher Studios has raved about the film on many occasions and we think it just might be our favorite zombie film. But…what does Tim think? Read on to find out…

Thoughts before the film:
I watched this movie a few years back and loved it, I hope it’s just as good now! I mean I gotta like it, it has zombies and it was made in the 80’s, what could go wrong?

Thoughts while watching:
0:08 I don’t know why, but I love the classic story of a crazy person escaping from jail and running loose.
0:20 What are the chances that he walks up to the keypad and presses a random number, and gets it right?
0:20 Well 1 outta 10 I guess…
0:22 A corpsicle!
0:28 “Is this a homicide or a bad b movie?” Bad b movies aren’t possible! Silly old man.
0:41 Screamin like banshees!
0:46 How did people do college work in the 80’s?!
0:57 If I saw someone breaking through my floor, I’d probably run and not watch what’s happening.
1:01 Nice mullet, lady cop.
1:10 He’s wearing a suit, why would you ask if it’s Halloween…?
1:10 Who is the guy they get the flamethrower from? He’s way too familiar looking.
1:14 Cindy, you’re like the only person who isn’t blonde, how could you not see something was wrong with him?
1:23 Thrill me!
1:11 The detective after getting blown up was way too freaky looking.

#NightOfTheCreeps started off slow but the crazy ending made up. The music, clothes, and effects are another example that the 80’s rule.

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