Tim’s Horror Tweet Reviews: “Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid” (2011)

Is there anyone out there would DOESN”T love a good-bad creature feature? How about a good-bad creature feature on syfy? The cable channel that spawns nearly a dozen bad B-movies a year starring C-list talent has been making money of this subgenre for years. Today we have for you creature feature fans a brand new tweet by tweet review for one of the highest rated creature features in Syfy’s history! 80’s pop queens Tiffany and Debbie Gibson battles it out while our tweeter reviewer Tim Schilling takes notes.

Thoughts before the film:
I get home from making a short film this weekend and this is the first thing I watch. A bad influence maybe? #MegaPythonVsGatoroid

Thoughts while watching:

0:02 Who is Tiffany anyways and why does she think she’s famous enough to not use her last name?
0:06 I feel like Syfy uses the same house in every movie…
0:09 I would love to see animatronics/puppets any day over CGI.
0:12 I get it! The two stars of this movie had one hit song 3 decades ago so now theyre trying to reinvent themselves.
0:15 Ooo! Somebody had bitch for breakfast!
0:20 Really? Even the eggs are animated? They don’t even move!
0:26 No, the blood on your face was on the other side in the last scene.
0:33 Give me the illegal chemicals to use for myself,cause if you don’t I’ll arrest you for having illegal chemicals.
0:35 If it’s supposed to be nighttime why do I see the sun through the trees!?
0:37 This character is Mexican and his theme song thing is that Egyptian song lololol
0:48 I’ll feel bad if I keep criticizing this movie like I am…
0:53 Yeah, this girl’s phone is upside down. You’re not taking to anyone using it that way.
0:59 The scene when these two girls fight is the best. So freaking corny.
1:04 I think… We’re alone now. I wanna know who wrote this and give them the award for most obviously line.
1:08 I wanna know if The Asylum intentionally makes their movies with countless errors or if they don’t even care.
1:10 I’m gonna guess the ending now: a baby python and crocodile survive and swim towards a city.
1:21 So where are these so called mega python and gatoroid?
1:27 This should have been called a few big pythons vs kinda big alligators.

Final Verdict:
#MegaPythonVsGatoroid was obviously corny as hell, but fun to watch. Even with the mistakes that basically slap you in the face.

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