Death of the Day: Uberbitch Taylor Fisher Cut from the Class in “Detention”

Today’s Death of the Day comes from the new movie “Detention” the wonderfully manic new slasher film that is now out on home video (main review for the film here). In the opening sequence (which could stand as a wonderful short film of its own) we meet the beautiful uberbitch Taylor Fisher. Taylor is the most popular girl in Grizzly Lake, waking up and telling the audience how to be cool while yelling at her family. As she is about to leave for school, she is brutally murdered by someone dressed as Cinderhella, a horror film serial killer. Sadly there is no video of this death online so I leave you with the stills below. Check out this movie ASAP, it is well worth the watch and might just be the first horror movie of the year that is actually worth owning.

To order “Detention”: Detention (DVD)