Slasher Studios Podcast: Worst Final Girls

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On this week’s episode of Slasher Studios Podcast, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz will be discussing their least favorite final girls in horror. Final girls that may have made it to the end but should have been given a bloody death. Show starts at 10PM central. Listen in live to find out who made the cut.

Slasher Studios Podcast: Worst Final Girls

Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Urban Legend” (1998)

After a week of working on the Slasher Studios short film Blood Brothers (more news as well as pics on this in a bit), we are back with a brand new Slasher Studios tweet by tweet review from the one and only Tim Schilling. Today Tim is taking a look at the 1998 slasher “Urban Legend.” The film preformed moderately at the box office ($38 million on a $15 million budget) but has been seemingly forgotten by horror fans. How does this little slasher flick hold up 14 years later?

Thoughts before the film:
I actually haven’t see this movie yet. I liked the sequel, so I’m assuming I’ll like this one? #UrbanLegend

Thoughts while watching:
0:01 How did I not know that many people were in this movie!?
0:08 The legend this first kill was based off of always scares the crap outta me and always has. I have no idea why.
0:16 What kind of college do I gotta go to to take a class about urban legends?
0:20 They actually made that seem like he was gonna blow up instead of making it obvious that it was faked.
0:27 Never trust a guy with bleached hair.
0:31 What legend was Damon’s kill based off of?
0:40 What a stupid hoe. You can’t tell that someone is getting strangled 10 feet from you?
0:50 This movie reminds me a lot of Scream for some reason. Anyone else get that feeling too?
1:04 This school has an abnormally large amount of goths.
1:07 Fuck you, the dog did nothing. I hate when movies kill animals just to shock you
1:12 Can’t tell if Tera Reid is annoying or actually good in this movie…
1:16 How you gon explain that dead body in your car dude.
1:29 They said the titles they said the title!
1:30 Not really feeling the motive behind all the killings.
1:32 Honestly, this movie is just like Scream.

#UrbanLegend had a great story that was actually very interesting and smart, similar to Scream. And kind of creepy some points.

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