Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Urban Legend” (1998)

After a week of working on the Slasher Studios short film Blood Brothers (more news as well as pics on this in a bit), we are back with a brand new Slasher Studios tweet by tweet review from the one and only Tim Schilling. Today Tim is taking a look at the 1998 slasher “Urban Legend.” The film preformed moderately at the box office ($38 million on a $15 million budget) but has been seemingly forgotten by horror fans. How does this little slasher flick hold up 14 years later?

Thoughts before the film:
I actually haven’t see this movie yet. I liked the sequel, so I’m assuming I’ll like this one? #UrbanLegend

Thoughts while watching:
0:01 How did I not know that many people were in this movie!?
0:08 The legend this first kill was based off of always scares the crap outta me and always has. I have no idea why.
0:16 What kind of college do I gotta go to to take a class about urban legends?
0:20 They actually made that seem like he was gonna blow up instead of making it obvious that it was faked.
0:27 Never trust a guy with bleached hair.
0:31 What legend was Damon’s kill based off of?
0:40 What a stupid hoe. You can’t tell that someone is getting strangled 10 feet from you?
0:50 This movie reminds me a lot of Scream for some reason. Anyone else get that feeling too?
1:04 This school has an abnormally large amount of goths.
1:07 Fuck you, the dog did nothing. I hate when movies kill animals just to shock you
1:12 Can’t tell if Tera Reid is annoying or actually good in this movie…
1:16 How you gon explain that dead body in your car dude.
1:29 They said the titles they said the title!
1:30 Not really feeling the motive behind all the killings.
1:32 Honestly, this movie is just like Scream.

#UrbanLegend had a great story that was actually very interesting and smart, similar to Scream. And kind of creepy some points.

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