Slasher Studios Reunion: DON’T GO TO THE REUNION (2013)


This week we are taking a look back at the feature film that started it all at Slasher Studios, the 2013 slasher DON’T GO TO THE REUNION. With a budget of $18,000 and shot for 12 days in April-May 2013, the film is an homage to everything and anything Slasher Studios loves about 80’s slashers. Pick up a copy below if you haven’t checked it out yet and check out the killer reviews! Slashers forever!

Plot synopsis:
Scott Rantzen (Brady Simenson) is a horror movie loving misfit who is teased by the popular students in school. When a date with the very popular and very beautiful Erica Carpenter (Stephanie Leigh Rose) backfires, he feels as though his life is ruined. Ten years later, the gang reunite for their class reunion. Little do they know that someone is waiting for them and ready to see that they pay for what they did. Is Scott back for revenge and will the old gang survive to tell the tale? It’ll be more gore for Class of 04.

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Don’t Go to the Reunion


Brand new special features include:
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* Don’t Go to the Reunion teaser trailer
* Dismembering Christmas trailer
* Theatrical World Premiere Interview With Director Steve Goltz & Writer Kevin Sommerfield
* Slasher Studios Horror Podcast audio feature (A Look Back at Don’t Go to the Reunion)

Don’t Go to the Reunion

The critics love Don’t Go to the Reunion:

LA Horror

“The work of Goltz and Sommerfield will be a pleasure to watch in the future as their passion radiates in each shot of this film, lending to the sense that everybody was on board to get bloody, have fun and make a memorable, freaky and occasionally hilarious slasher romp. I’m not sure if I’ll go to my 10-year high school reunion next year, but “Don’t Go to the Reunion” is one event that you should definitely not skip!”

Horror Movie Diary

“The direction is tight and the script is top notch. Cinematographer Paul Bjorge delivers some highly effective and pretty inventive camera work (cool tracking shots, ace angles, beautiful static shots), the synth-driven score is excellently atmospheric, the kills are all badass and the gore looks simply ace. Oh, and there’s even some nice nudity! *yay*”

Hacked in the Head

“Wow. What a true love letter to the sub genre. The movie is absolutely rife with slasher movie references and fun nods. For example, check out the characters names; how about the bullied kid Scott Rantzen (Slaugher High?) or our lead girl Erica Carpenter (Halloween?) or even fun and spunky Megan Cunningham (Friday 13th?). The hat tipping is just everywhere covering films such as Prom Night, Night School, Madman and many more. I just loved how this film was both a slasher flick in its own bloody right and also a total homage to the films Steve and Kevin adore the most.”

Blood Sucking Geek

“I loved Don’t Go to the Reunion. It turned out to be everything I hoped for and more, the perfect tribute to 80′s slashers. It has plenty of humor, a good helping of blood, and a great plot and twist ending. There’s been a lot of buzz around Slasher Studios ever since Teddy, and with their first full-length release they prove to deliver exactly what slasher fans want. So if you’re among those of us that are tired of found-footage, haunting movies, and other bland modern horror films, Don’t Go to the Reunion is the breath of fresh air you’re looking for. I can’t wait to see where they go from here.”

Demons of Celluloid

“I loved the sense of praise to the slasher genre this film incorporated. The kills, the atmosphere, the writing it all screamed 80s slasher classics like Prom Night, Terror Train, Final Exam, Scream, Madman, Happy Birthday To Me, Iced, Night School, the list just goes on.”


“If you’re sick of remakes, sequels, and overused found footage horror Hollywood is spitting at you, check out this great film that shows the slasher subgenre is still very much alive.”

Behind the scenes pics:


Clip #26 00032000



Terror For the Brain: ANNIHILATION (2018) Review

After her husband returns after being missing for a year, Lena sees something has changed in him. She now seeks to find out the truth. Eventually she is grouped with other highly intelligent females who seeks to know what secrets lie within The Shimmer, a mysterious force that has been gradually spreading and only growing larger. The group eventually come to realize the truth may not be as concrete as they expected.

Alex Garland brings us one of the most-blowing films of recent years. He so perfectly wrote and directed this film with a lot of thought in mind, and on top of that he mixes genres so well in it. The movie balances elements of drama, horror, and science fiction all in one. One scene as far as horror goes, is easily one of the most intense scenes I’ve experienced, and one towards the end is just as intense, but it’s a scene unlike anything you’ve seen in horror before. As far as drama and sci-fi, it brings forth a story that is extremely thought-provoking in how it has some really dramatic and poetic ideas, but at the same time it’s also a pretty horrific way of showing it. This is not the full-on horror film that the full trailer makes it out to be. When in actuality it goes so much deeper than that. It’s not a physical or even psychological horror film in the traditional sense, but it’s one that uses doses of horror to bring forth a more cerebral and thought-provoking horror. But if I’m being honest, this movie is pretty hard to categorize, it’s definitely more geared toward sci-fi, but it’s so complex and has many different layers to it. It does move at a fairly slower pace with only instances of eventful scenes thrown in, but it’s really an exploration film, and we are exploring The Shimmer and what it contains just as much as the characters are, and they are what really drives this film.

The basically all female cast does such an amazing job. Natalie Portman delivers some of her best work yet as the ex-military turned biologist Lena, Jennifer Jason Leigh immerses herself in a character with so much mystery that at first can seem like such a hollow performance, but really she’s channeling such a hollow and closed-off character, Tessa Thompson and Tuva Novotny are also great in their roles, but the biggest surprise comes from Gina Rodriguez who easily as the most to work with in her muli-surfaced character. She’s at first represented as this tough and bad ass chick who’s got everyone’s back, but the further she gets into The Shimmer, the more her character begins to change out of fear and hostility. On top of all of this, we have such amazing and beautiful visuals and cinematography that I can only hope can leave a lasting enough impression to garner Oscar nominations for 2019, as well as the brilliant and often haunting score. This is one film I highly recommend, it may not be full-on horror, but there is horror within its roots and the ideas it brings about.

–Cody Landman

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No Cure: INOPERABLE (2017) Review

A young woman named Amy wakes up in the hospital after a escaping a major pile-up. With a hurricane quickly approaching, Amy discovers that something isn’t right about this hospital. For some reason she is trapped in time loop until she can escape the hospital, but if she is captured and killed she will be stuck there forever.

I’m going to be upfront about this, this is a bad movie. Films involving time loops can often be fun or suspenseful where you’re kept guessing or rooting for the lead get out of their loop. The most recent example being Happy Death Day, it took the tired “Groundhog Day” time loop plot and made it feel fresh and fun. Inoperable was 80 minutes of boring nothingness. The whole time with each loop it’s Amy running around hallways with only small bit thrown in to possibly explain the loop, and it makes zero sense at all. Nothing in this movie makes any sense, even when the ending reveal comes about, even that doesn’t make any sense. I can’t deny that it doesn’t make use of its hospital setting, because it certainly does. As far as intensity, there isn’t any of that here, they could have amped this up so much more and the hospital and the people working so much more horrific. Instead, we get Amy running around like Pac-Man trying to avoid the Ghosts. It’s just so boring and repetitive (in the worst way). Had each loop been different and something more significant been revealed each time, along more intensity, this could have been even at least a smidge better than it was. But then it all comes out to the nonsensical plot. Danielle Harris is fine in the role and appears to be committed, she plays the confused and panicked Amy very well, and her very last scene was hands down her best moment of the film. Other than Harris the rest of the cast is just plain awful.

It’s unfortunate that even Danielle Harris couldn’t save this movie, as much as I love her, I really wish this was one film I hadn’t watched. She’s done some pretty bad ones in the past, but I’ve at least found them watchable and semi-entertaining. This one is hands-down the worst film of hers I’ve seen, which pains me to say as a fan. Just stay away from this one.

–Cody Landman

Monster Mania: THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX (2018) Review

The world is running low on energy and life is on the brink of extinction. It is now up to a group of scientists to save mankind, in order to do so they go into space to run a particle accelerator which will create a grand amount of energy to save lives. Ignoring warnings of a paradox that will lead to disastrous consequences if they continue the mission, the scientists unlock something sinister that could destroy the very thing they’re trying to save.

The surprise release of the 3rd Cloverfield film on Netflix got me extremely excited. I loved the first two films, and part of me could feel that the next entry would be just as great. Sadly, I was wrong. It’s not that Cloverfield Paradox is an entirely bad film, it just suffers from a bad script. This film promised to reveal how the events of the first two films were set in motion, and to an extent it does. What this film ultimately does is leave more questions than answers and leaves fans of the Cloververse to throw out more theories than ever. As I watched the film, I loved seeing the little connections and reveals, but at the same time I realized just how forced these connections were. Along with this, it also left an extreme amount of unbalance between the film standalone story and its connection to the Cloververse. It becomes quite a bloated mess, it constantly goes back and forth between the events happening and in space, and what’s happening on Earth, and it’s easy to tell how much of the Earth stuff was added in just for the sake of connection.

In all honesty, I wanted much more of the events on Earth than we got. What made 10 Cloverfield Lane so great was that it could easily stand on its own, but it also gave us subtle hints in its connection to the Cloververse, even in tone. That’s not to say that some of the tone fits along with the first two films, but as mentioned, the script tries way too hard to fit in with this established world with how much they stuff into the script. As far as its set-up to explain all of the events, it is clever, but it also feels a little too convenient and (again), leaves way more questions than answers and essentially throws out the straightforward anthology concept. The FINAL connection to the Cloververse I admit made me happy as hell, but that too left some more questions. The Cloverfield connections aside, the story itself for this particular film is rather interesting and kept me interested the whole time, but again, due to the uneven script, much of it (along with the characters) felt really undeveloped, there was so much more they could have explored with the concept, but it felt really rushed.

Some of the events that occur are more weird than terrifying, which was kind of disappointing. Had there been more scenes like the one that mirrors Alien, it would have improved things a little more, that’s not to say that are a few intense scenes, but not as many as there should have been. One of the biggest things that bugged me was the bits of humor thrown in that was so cringe-worthy and didn’t fit with the tone at all. The biggest strengths that this film has are the production value and the performances. The effects and set pieces are great and are used to its advantage. As far as the performances go, the biggest standout is Gugu Mbatha-Raw as our lead. She nails it on bringing the emotional side of her character, but also a strong female character that is relatable and you root for. Daniel Bruhl also turns in a fine performance, as does David Oyelowo. The rest of the cast is fine, but they are very limited with their characters and feel like your typical doomed crew members.

The Cloverfield Paradox is rather disappointing when it had opportunities to be great. The plot of its standalone story had a great concept, and of course the Cloverfield connections are nice, but it suffers with trying to have the best of both worlds, and ultimately both worlds do suffer because of it. Let’s hope the next entry (supposedly due later this year) will be a somewhat improvement (it’s also worth noting that the next film has a slight nod early on in the film), but with what they established in this and how this world is connected, we’ll have to see whether this ultimately make or break the franchise and potentially screw up continuity. Who knows? By this point I have no idea what to expect from J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot. Despite this film’s flaws, I do recommend it for fans of the Cloverfield films, and if you’re not a fan, maybe you’ll enjoy it more and not care about the connection flaws. It’s definitely a film that will be talked about amongst the hardcore fans that’s for sure.

–Cody Landman

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A Sleeper Success: BEFORE I WAKE (2018) Review

A couple who lost their young son decide to adopt, in hopes of moving on. They adopt a young boy named Cody who also comes with a troubled background. At first things seem to be going well for the couple as well as Cody, but things begin to take a strange turn. It turns out Cody has the ability to have his dreams come to life, and the wife takes advantage of this by ensuring Cody dreams of her dead son so she can see him again. However, it’s not only his dreams that come to life, but also his nightmares, the dark presence that has haunted Cody most of his life begins emerge into the life of his new family and those around him.

Mike Flanagan’s newest film has had a lot of trouble being released until just this year when it was finally released in the US on Netflix. It was initially supposed to come out theatrically in 2015 but was dropped due to financial issues with its distributor, and from there its fate was up in the air with random release dates announced but never came to be. Outside the US, it was released on DVD/Blu-Ray, and then eventually landing on Netflix in the US. It’s a shame this didn’t get a theatrical release, because this is a very good and well-done fantasy/horror film. The dream, and even nightmare sequences are wonderfully done; the dreams are beautiful, and the nightmare are really creepy and intense (the monster in Cody’s nightmare is pretty damn creepy), and just the general concept is really engaging. It perfectly blends the fantasy elements, along with the horror and drama elements. Never once did I feel it didn’t know what it wanted to be because Flanagan has such a clear vision in how he wanted to weave it together. Sure we’ve seen the grieving couple storyline done before, but this time there is something very earnest, endearing, and humane in it that works extremely well into the plot. Along with this, you really feel for the characters. You feel for Cody in seeing his struggle to control his dreams and trying to find a place he belongs and family who will love him. The same can be said for the couple, you feel their pain and understand why they are using Cody’s abilities, even if you may not agree with it, and as the film progresses you see them wanting to put the past in the past and save their new son. The characters are brilliantly brought to life from the performances by Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane as the couple and a very sweet performance by Jacob Tremblay as Cody. In terms of flaws, there are times it feels a little rushed, and the ending could have a bit more closure.

Before I Wake is another hit from Mike Flanagan who delivers in bringing another horror film that also strongly balances that with fantasy and a drama about grief that doesn’t feel like a huge cliché. The characters feel realistic and ones you really care about, and the visuals are gorgeous (and creepy). I highly recommend this movie, check it out on Netflix as soon as you can.

–Cody Landman

Home Sweet Horror: FAMILY POSSESSIONS (2018) Review

After inheriting her grandmother’s house, a young woman named Rachael and her family move into it. But as they get settled in, Rachael starts to encounter strange occurrences within the house, not only this but she learns from the townspeople that her grandmother has been keeping some dark secrets.

At first glance, Family Possessions may come off as your average haunted house film. But in reality there is actually a lot more to it than that. Tommy Faircloth writes and directs this film with some very solid precision. As far as the script goes, it’s actually pretty fresh and original by today’s horror standards. While it draws from different sub genres of horror, they’re all wrapped up in this tight mystery tale that makes you think it’s going in one direction but veers into another. Although I do wish there was a little more focus on the witchcraft material since it’s really what sets much of the plot in motion, along with more insight on the visions Rachael has. Faircloth also directs this film with solid vision. The creepy scenes within the house are really well-executed and captured. The practical effects at hand are also pleasing, one scene early on in the film made my teeth hurt with how effective it was and how good the effects looked.

When it comes to scares, most of the jump scares are genuinely all in fun and don’t really take themselves too seriously. The script also features some genuinely funny moments, most especially involving Rachael’s encounters with the two bitchy baristas played by Elizabeth Mears and Mark Patton, and even Mears and Patton’s scene together are comical to watch, and the two actors just eat up the parts and clearly are having a blast doing it. In addition to them, we also have Felissa Rose as Rachael’s new friend Maggie’s bitchy alcoholic mother. Rose is also clearly having fun with her over-the-top role. Erika Edwards who plays Maggie does a fine job of making you really fall for her sweet but oddness but also makes you unsure of whether she can be trusted. Finally, we have Leah Wiseman as Rachael. Wiseman is no stranger to indie horror after stealing the screen in supporting roles with Dismembering Christmas and Irrational Fear, but this time she’s front and center, and she easily proves she’s more than capable of carrying a movie. She plays Rachel with some great wit, but also with some real humanity and relatability. Wiseman also does a great job of showing her struggle between wanting to find out the truth and trying to keep things together for her and her struggling family. For the most part the entire cast does a solid job, with only some performances that were a little weaker.

I highly recommend this indie horror film, it’s a fresh and fun mystery ride that boasts some fun performances and an extremely strong performance by Leah Wiseman.

–Cody Landman

A Cut Above: VICTOR CROWLEY (2017) Review

Picking up ten years after the events of the first three films, Victor Crowley is resurrected by a group trying make a trailer on their upcoming movie about the events. Meanwhile, the sole survivor of the original massacre, Andrew, along with other passengers crash into Crowley’s swamp, now the group must survive Crowley’s returning mayhem.

I didn’t get to see this movie during it’s limited release and run back in late 2017, so I was excited as hell to finally watch this when the Blu-Ray came out. And I was not disappointed; I love the first three films, even if some were better than others. This is one has its flaws, but it’s still an extremely fun, campy slasher film that live up to the others in that respect. Now, I admit this wasn’t a sequel that we really needed, but it’s one that can definitely be welcomed. The cause of bringing Victor back was so ridiculous that if this wasn’t a Hatchet film, it would have been terrible. This entry definitely ups the camp factor, and at some points it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. For example, there are a few jokes that didn’t work for me at all, they were a lot cheesier than they should have been, even if they didn’t make me chuckle slightly. Now, it certainly wouldn’t be a Hatchet film without the gory kills, and naturally it delivers there, with good practical effects of course, though there was one death I found was done a little in poor taste.

Adam Green is easily one of the best horror directors around today, he can do fun slashers like this, intense thrillers like Frozen and Spiral. This guy knows his audience has all of the passion of a horror fan to bring his work to life and please audiences. There are a couple of things with this entry that the last two films lacked, there was surprisingly a good amount of character development, people didn’t exist just to kill off. And the characters at hand are actually pretty fun to watch, and most you actually want to see survive. I was surprised with who ended up being the final girl when it made it look like it was going to be someone else, so the play on character tropes was a nice touch. This one also had a surprising amount of intense moments, including one extremely well-crafted and well-timed jump scare, yes, I jumped at it. The use of its one-location in the crashed plane for most of them is well-done and doesn’t drag it down. Finally, we have the cast. Everyone is totally having a fun time with their roles and eating it all up. Laura Ortiz kills it as the feisty best friend who actually has more to her than meets the eye. Parry Shen turns in a solid return as Andrew and gets a lot more to do in this film. Dave Sheridan is hilarious as the wannabe actor who wants to play hero throughout the film despite being kind of an idiot. Kyrstal Joy Brown nails the role as the bitchy t.v. personality and ex girlfriend of Andrew. Katie Booth does a good job as the passionate filmmaker that finds her dream being crushed by Crowley. Tiffany Shepis turns in a strong performance as well and offers some pretty great emotion in her role. And finally, and most of all is Felissa Rose who is just incredible as Andrew’s pill-popping publicist Kathleen, and her over-the-top performance is just fantastic.

If you’re a fan of the Hatchet films, you won’t be disappointed with this entry. No matter the aspects that may not sit well with you, Adam Green returns to give viewers everything you love about the films, and even a little bit more with extra thrills and developed characters. And definitely stay through the credits, there a mid-credit scene that genuinely made me cheer.

–Cody Landman

Women In Horror Month: Anya Taylor-Joy

Ever since breaking onto the big screen with 2015’s indie hit “The Witch”, Anya Taylor-Joy has become a pretty strong presence in the horror world, and damn, she is one presence worth welcoming. With every role Anya has grabbed, she’s displayed so much depth and range that I’ve always been left in awe and wanting to see her in more final girl/leading lady horror roles, and films in general of course.

In her breakthrough film “The Witch”, Anya plays Thomasin with so much innocence, but yet makes you wonder if there is something to her character than we don’t know about. She shows her character’s struggle of being the black sheep of the family and growing into womanhood, all the while she and her family are being targeted by a witch. By the end of the film you’ve seen her develop this huge arc that’s enough to leave you with chills and astounded. When I watched it a second time and really observed her character, I noticed that her character really does seem to be teetering between two sides as the conflict arises.

Anya’s next film was the pretty underrated “Morgan”, here she plays an artificially created being and has to display different levels of personality. Anya perfectly captures Morgan’s childlike persona, despite the older appearance, showing great wonder and curiosity. However, she can instantly switch that off and give us extremely cold and deathly looks and glares that can be chilling and leave you unsure of what she will do or is capable of. But despite all of this we also see her showing Morgan’s unsure knowledge of what it means to be human and the emotions she’s supposed to feel.

Most recently she starred in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split” where she played the troubled and lonely Casey. She is thrown into a situation with two classmates with James McAvoy’s multi personality character and must find out how to survive. Once again, Anya displays strong emotions here as she struggles with her very troubled home and social life, but also trying to overcome that and her current situation. There are moments where we see her reflecting on her past that almost parallel with her capture, and all the while she working to make herself stronger, but also use her smarts to try get her and her friends out. This role is essentially her first “final girl” type role and it’s fairly different from others in that she’s not a badass, but she’s using her smarts and emotions to try survive. But it’s also great seeing once again, a great character arc that Anya shows her character going through, and she nails it.

Up next she teams up in 2018 with Olivia Cooke in the thriller “Thoroughbreds” as two revenge seeking girls who will do anything to have each other’s backs. In 2019, we have the unfortunately bumped “New Mutants” with Anya as a new addition to the X-Men universe as a mutant who’s been locked up in an institution with various horrors waiting to torture her and her fellow mutants. Also in 2019 is the follow-up to “Split” entitled “Glass” in which she will reunite as Casey with M. Night Shyamalan and James McAvoy as well as Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

I can only hope that apart from other roles, Anya will continue to take on more horror.

–Cody Landman