“Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”

We here at Slasher Studios are always excited to hear about other new horror filmmakers and their projects. We are excited to bring you one of those filmmakers today. His name is Anthony Rory Tran and his newest film is the exciting “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”.

The synopsis: “The world has began to change in mysterious ways. For Tiffany Hayes, society has shown selfishness and departure from all things pure; even her own friends don’t seem to understand what she is going through. In a community college, a sleep deprivation study assignment is given to Tiffany so that she can understand her mind on a whole new level. What she begins to see are layers beyond common reality. A new group of students are then given the same assignment after learning what she’s been through to see if she was just a little crazy, or if these forces truly exist. During the 3 days they stay awake, they are exposed to different parts of their mind, and what they discover, is more than they could ever imagine.”

Tran adds, “What is interesting about Obliquity is that I’m including dark experiences faced in my life and the life of people I’ve met. The story stays very down-to-earth, whether it’s the way people talk in the movie, or how the story unravels, the exposure of forces layered unseen will be a breath-taking journey you won’t want to miss being a part of.”

Tran is quite passionate about the project. Here he speaks about what the project means to him:

Below is a link to the teaser trailer of “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”:

We wish Tran and his cast/crew the best of luck with their film and we are excited to see what they come up with next.