Slasher Studios: Top 10 Favorite Supporting Horror Movie Characters

This week on Slasher Studios Web Cast we talked about our Top 10 Favorite Horror Movie Supporting Characters. These are characters that never got the chance to be a “final girl” and never got a chance to revel in being a killer. The following is the Slasher Studios list of its favorite horror movie characters that never got the appreciation that they deserved.

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Runner Up:

The Real Jennifer Jenzen- “House on Haunted Hill” (scenes deleted)
Poor Debi Mazer. Filmed three scenes in “House on Haunted Hill” and they were all cut. Thank god we have DVD so we see her revel in over-the-top goodness as Ali Larter’s bitchy producer boss. Every line out of her mouth is a zinger and every putdown crackles with energy.

Top 10:

10. Maddy-“Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood”
A geeky girl with spirit, Maddy is the perpetual best friend who can’t get a guy and doesn’t have a clue. After being told that she needs a little “touch up work”, Maddy gives herself a much needed makeover. Sadly, Jason is the only one who gets to see it as Maddy sees her ultimate demise just minutes later.

9. Suzanne-“ Night of the Demons” (1988)
What would the horror genre be without the slutty best friend? By all accounts, slutty best friends made up 40% of all slasher deaths in the 1980’s. Suzanne is the best of all of them. Whether it be a peep show at the convenience store (“Do you guys have sour balls?”) to a lip stick through the nipple, Suzanne was just out to have a good time.

8. Tangina- “Poltergeist” series
Everyone’s favorite little munchkin from horror, Tangina is a hoot. Whether it be the way that Zelda Rubinstein “sings” her lines or the fact that she is the only character in the entire series to know what the hell is going on, her character is just plain fun.

7. Lily-“Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland”
Another staple of the 80’s slasher genre: the overacting old lady. Lily just wanted to put the camp back together. She knows that no one wants to go to a camp where everyone has been “slauuuugghhtterred”! Lily is crazy fun and gets the ultimate death by Angela: death by lawnmower. “GET ME OUTTTTTTAA HERE!”

6. Annie-“Friday the 13th”
One of the sweetest characters ever in the “Friday” series, Annie should have been our final girl of the piece. Sadly, she is killed before she even has a chance to get to camp. She is fun, bubbly, and warm-hearted. Three traits missing from 90% of “Friday” teens.

5. Mo-“The Convent”
Mo, the pseudo goth girl who knows all the rules about demons. Mo is brash, in-your-face, and frequently quite hilarious. With lines like “Are you a bulimic bitch?” only adds to her appeal. Sadly, much like Annie, she doesn’t make it very far into the film.

4. Ethel-“Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning”
If “Sleepaway” had Lily, “Friday” had Ethel. Ethel is brass, white trash who utters every line with vile contempt. Every single scene that she appears on camera works in this film and she is easily the most entertaining adult character in the entire series. How can you not love a mom that tells her son that he’s “a big dildo” and should “eat his fucking slop”.

3. Kirby- “Scream 4”
A welcome surprise from the new “Scream” film, Kirby is sweet, fun, knowledgeable about horror movies, and beautiful. Kirby is the postmodern character that should be in every horror movie today.

2. Judy- “Sleepaway Camp”
The ultimate 80’s bitch. How bitchy is Judy? She has to have her name embroidered on her shirt. She is just plain mean. Along with her friend Meg (M-E-G) these two girls rule the show and play up the hammy campiness of the script beautiful.

1. Megan-“House of the Devil”
Poor Megan. One of the smartest, funniest, and most realistic college students I’ve seen on film, Megan is the best friend with the brains. She knows there’s something wrong with the house. Something wrong with the people that live there. She knows there’s a reason why her friend shouldn’t babysit. But sadly her friend doesn’t listen and Megan becomes the first victim in one of the all time great jump scenes of the past decade. Poor Megan.


5 thoughts on “Slasher Studios: Top 10 Favorite Supporting Horror Movie Characters

  1. Kirby was just such a treat in Scream 4. I really hope she character is brought back in the 5th installment. If any well it ever happens.
    As for Annie, she was just sooo damn sweet!

  2. I love Kirby! She is definitely one of my favourite characters in the horror genre. There aren’t enough cool horror-loving girls in the genre, so she is a unique character. And they don’t treat her like a joke or a freak. She is actually a cool character. LOVE IT!

    Also I love the inclusion of Annie. I thought I was the only one who loved her in the first film, but when I first saw the movie I actually thought Brenda was going to be the final girl.

  3. Yeah, I was sad when Megan bit the bullet too.
    I wish she had at least been in the proceedings just a tad bit longer.

    Also, Kirby should have been the final girl in SCRE4M to go against the killer in that one.

  4. I’d say a lot of the Friday characters are warm-hearted and charismatic, but moreso in 1, 2, 3, and 6 most of all.

  5. Totally agree with the #1 pick. I was way more invested in her than in the main character, and I was actually really bummed when she died.

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