“Destination” Series Makes Right Turn with “5”

Going into August, my expectations for “Final Destination 5” were understandably low. This is a series that really hasn’t been good in nearly a decade, the trailers were solid if uneventful, and the cast were unproven. Then something happened…the buzz for “5” actually started to get….good?!? The Saved by the Bell meets “Final Destination” video produced/preformed by co-star Max Fisher was a hoot and the early reviews were calling it the best of the series. So, I bought my ticket and went into “FD 5” as a proud horror fan. THIS would be the best installment of the series, THIS movie is going to be the best horror film of the year! Were my expectations too high? More on that later…

“FD 5” begins with a young man named Sam and a group of his co-workers from a paper plant assembly factory. They jump on a chartered bus to attend a corporate retreat. While stopped in traffic on a bridge, Sam has a vision. The suspension bridge that is under construction starts to crumble and collapse. Sam is able to convince 7 of the crew to get off the bus with him and the rest are left for dead. But..it turns out death doesn’t like to be cheated and soon the remaining eight die one by one.

Original concept? No. Great acting? No. Wonderful story? No. But..let’s be honest…who cares? “Final Destination 5” is the most fun I’ve had in the movies in months. Probably the most fun I’ve had watching a film since “Scream 4” opened in April. This movie works from beginning to end thanks to some incredible death scenes and some solid performances. This is actually the first “FD” movie that I’ve seen since part 2 in which I actually CARED about the characters. This isn’t a perfect movie. The middle drags a bit and I did feel a bit cheated by at least one death. Nonetheless, this is by far and away my favorite of the series. Just don’t let ANYONE give away the twist ending. That’s the best part of all.


5 thoughts on ““Destination” Series Makes Right Turn with “5”

  1. I always liked the idea of this being a finale. It’s almost too perfect and it would have been a great way to end with a bang! Awesome accidents, gory-good deaths, it’s par better compared to the latter attempt to end it. (I’m talking to you “DUH” Final Destination.)

  2. Just got thru seeing FD5 and its amazing!…if you forget 3 and 4 existed its one of the best movies ive seen just for the ending….I wondered like u all why the massage ticket had god thru 6-30-01 on it and why the gym had championship banners from 1997-99 but didnt piece it together til the AMAZING ending….if you saw 1 u need to see 5 if youre a fan of the series you are accepting FD5 as the apology for 3 and 4…..brilliant….now bring me 6

  3. Yes! the twist at the end was awesome!!! During the whole movie, I was wondering why the one character had such an old style of cell phone. Not that everyone has to have a iphone now a days but that was an old style Motorola phone which now totally makes sense as to the time period in which this movie “actually” takes place! :-)

  4. I thought 5 was great! I really liked seeing it in 3D as well! Any time a movie makes me cringe and hesitate to look I think it has done its duty! The movie keeps you guessing as to what exactly will make them die? And just when you are anticipating the outcome you have made inside your head…BAM! they give it to you full force and kill off another in a fun, crazy, sick, creative way! :-) Loved it! :-)

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