Top 10 Highest Grossing Horror Movies of 2011

The following is the top 10 highest grossing horror movies of 2011. For movies like Paranormal, we have used an estimated total the film is likely to make. For most others, these films are long gone from theaters.

1 Paranormal Activity 3 $105 million Paramount
2 Insidious $54 million FilmDistrict
3 Final Destination 5 $42.6 million Warner Bros
4 Scream 4 $38.1million The Weinstein Company
5 The Roommate $37.3 million Screen Gems
6 The Rite $33 million Warner Bros
7 Priest $29 million Screen Gems
8 Don’t be Afraid of the Dark $24 million FilmDistrict
9 Dream House $21.3 million Universal
10 Shark Night 3D $18.8 million Relativity Media

What can we conclude from this list? Crap sells. We gave a negative review to seven of the ten movies listed here. “Paranormal Activity 3” was the highest grossing film of the year but it was also our pick for the very worst movie of the year. For sequels like “FD5” and “Scream 4”, their grosses seemed to be punished by the fact that many fans didn’t enjoy their previous entries. “Scream 4” made $50 million less than its immediate predecessor while “Final Destination 5” made $25 million less. This is a a damn shame because both of these films were among the best offered to horror fans this year. Is this the beginning of the end for slasher films? Unless a 2012 slasher can sneak it, it sure does look like it. As for movies like “Priest” and “Shark Night 3D”? It’s a shame that anyone paid any money whatsoever to see such monstrosities. It was a weak year for horror indeed and one can only hope that 2012 will bring something new and fresh to cinemas everywhere. Hell, it can’t be worse than most of this list…can it?