The Revenge of Gale’s Bangs: “Scream 3” Review

Another excellent review from Slasher Studios Horror Film Club. This is the second of Brian’s reviews for the Scream series. This one being for SCREAM 3. Does he hate it as much as many fans do? Let’s see…

SCREAM 3 gets a crazy amount of hate and I just can’t understand why. Is it because Sidney doesn’t have much to do for the first hour? Is it because Kevin Williamson’s golden touch is missing? Is it Gale’s hair?

I do understand why this is the least loved of the series. There’s less clever movie references, less lovable characters and less witty dialog. Pretty much all the result of Kevin Williamson’s absense. I just don’t see why a lot of fans absolutely despise it. This film could have been better but, perhaps because of the nostalgia, I can’t help but focus on the good. First of all, I liked the Hollywood setting. It was different, but it was a good fit. There’s also a lot of witty dialog, fun characters (less likable, but still entertaining), hilarious cameos and some suspense. Not as intense and frightening as it’s predecessor, but there’s a couple nail biters, Sidney’s chase through the Woodsboro set comes to mind.

I also enjoyed the Maureen backstory. It may all seem a bit contrived, but I thought it brought the trilogy full circle. I can’t finish this review without giving special mention to the film’s greatest aspect, Parker Posey as Jennifer Jolie and her dead-on chemistry with Gale Weathers. And do I even need to say how great Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Wes Craven are and how thankful I am they’ve returned every time? I don’t think so. But I did.