Tim’s Slasher Tweet Review: “The Fog” (1980)

Today our guest Twitter film critic Tim Schilling takes on one of John Carpenter’s most beloved movies outside of “Halloween”, the ghost chiller “The Fog.” Carpenter fans have been praising this film for years with some fans arguing that it is even better than “Halloween.” How does it stack up 30 years later? Is it an underrated classic or does it deserve to be forgotten? Let’s sift through the mist to find out…

Thoughts before the film:
Original version of #TheFog, not the remake. Though unlike 99% of the population, I did like the remake.

Thoughts while watching:
0:06 How does a rock just randomly fall out of the wall..?
0:08 One minute of sweeping a grocery store…
0:10 Geez why can’t our gas prices be that low?
0:12 When is the witching hour, anyways?
0:13 “Are you weird? Yes, yes I am!”
0:22 Jamie Lee Curtis you little whore!
0:26 The music is really similar to Halloween.
0:42 That is a crap load of stairs.
0:45 Watch out, the piece of wood is crying.
0:46 And then decides to blow up and act like nothing happened.
0:52 How can you feel so safe with him? You met him a day ago, while you were hitchhiking!
1:01 Just don’t open doors, and they won’t kill ya. That’s what happened the first time.
1:07 My theory is right, these things are like vampires! Don’t let them in and they’ll peace.
1:08 Oh wait I lied. This one really wants to get in.
1:10 Women can’t drive anyways, why would you make her try to drive stick in a hurry?!
1:13 What, can this girl see every street, house, person, everything from that lighthouse?

I’m not sure if people will agree with me on this, but….I love the idea behind #TheFog, but the movie didn’t serve it well. Very slow pace and bad character development. On the plus side, ok music.

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