Favorite Horror Movies of the Last Decade: Mother’s Day (2011)

Favorite horror movie of the last decade: Mother’s Day.

Originally to be released in 2010, it was pushed back until 2012 just in time for mother’s day. Even though this maybe a remake of the 80’s classic, it’s nothing like its predecessor at all.

On the run after attempting to rob a bank, a group of vicious brothers decide to lay low at their mother’s house for a while. Unfortunately the mother lost the house and a young couple mourning the loss of their son currently lives there. The group of brothers (one of which has been shot) invade the couple’s house while they are entertaining guests and soon take everyone hostage. The brothers’ twisted mother soon shows up at the house as well, and the body count starts rising. Will any of the hostages make it out alive or are they all destined to die at the hand of the brutal family?

Edgy, raw, and real until the very last scene, not even comparable to the B-rated original from 1980. slas Mother’s Day remake came at the time of America remaking every one of the slasher movies from the 80’s, paying homage to the movies that have changed the genre into what it is today. The movie not only keeps you guessing as to who is the next victim but it also makes you wonder who is actually the “bad guy”. Making you feel sympathy for both sides, this movie will have you pulled until the final twist in the film. No matter what people say about how this is a remake and should have kept to the original, I have to say, it’s about fucking time someone spun some originality even into the remake. If you haven’t watched it yet, go to walmart and pay the $15, one of the few movies worth the full price.

–Riley Lender