Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Leprechaun 3” (1995)

Our resident twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back with the luck of the Irish with a brand new tweet by tweet review for “Leprechaun 3.” Many fans have called this one the best of the entire series but, looking at the series as a whole, that might not be enough to save it. This time the leprechaun is in Vegas. Does he get lucky? And does Tim get lucky with this movie?

Thoughts before the film:
Really gonna try to finish this series up as fast as possible…

Thoughts while watching:
0:02 Vegas baby.
0:04 I won’t question how the leprechaun turned into stone since the last movie.
0:08 That was a total lie. This girl has blown plenty of rods.
0:09 This damn leprechaun is ALWAYS one shilling short.
0:22 I wonder what it means to be 20 pounds younger.
0:25 This leprechaun is obviously a Jedi.
0:28 I don’t get it, how could someone be so stupid that they would bet 23k on their first time at the casino?
0:38 The leprechaun is best friends with Elvis.
0:56 Do leprechauns really like potatoes this much?
1:04 She looked better before she wished to look sexy…
1:08 Big booty bitches. That’s something they should say in the In Da Hood movies.
1:12 For pulling this trick, I’ll chop off your dick!
1:14 I highly doubt anything those doctors just was was correct.
1:21 It saddens me when the leprechaun doesn’t rhyme.
1:26 I gotta say, that death scene was pretty nasty. And not the good nasty.
1:28 Hey stunt wires I see you.

I feel the same about #Leprechaun3 as I do the others in the series. A lot of fun to watch, but there’s nothing really special about them

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