College Slashers We Love: “Happy Birthday to Me” (1981)

“Happy Birthday to me” 1981. A college horror related film I love.
{A birthday cake that you’d kill to eat} !!!

The first thing that comes in my mind when I think of Happy Birthday to me, is the first scene where a girl is being killed on her way to a pub where her college friends waiting for her. I was a very young boy when I first saw this film and since then it’s on my top 10 list of horror films.

Virginia Wainwright is not a typical girl of her age. She lost her mother in an accident and lives in a very luxury house with her wealthy father since then. She and her friends do all the crazy stuff that college boys and girls do but what they don’t know is that there is a killer on the loose. As the plot of the film is in process we become aware of some details from Virginia’s past and the impact of her mother’s death on her. Meanwhile, one by one all of her friends start disappearing without leaving a trace. Virginia starts feeling that there is a connection between her and her friends disappearances because her mind plays mysterious and malice games. She and her psychiatrist try to find the missing parts of her past in order to understand not only what is going on with her but if there is any league to her friends deaths as well.

A strange and unusual 80’s flick that doesn’t use the typical recipe of a horror film. What we have here is a very strong script with very interesting twists. The acting is rather good even though Melissa sue Anderson (Virginia) overdone it sometimes. I won’t be a spoiler for those who haven’t seen it yet, but the ending is very interesting and different from what we’re used of. So, enjoy 1:45 minutes of absolute suspense.

–Panos Tsiros