A Look Back on the Filming of “Blood Brothers”

As many of you know, we just finished filming our latest short film BLOOD BROTHERS. BLOOD BROTHERS tells the tell of two brothers who are reunited after many years when a hostage situation goes terribly wrong. I will be completely honest with you horror fans and tell you that preproduction on the film was a mess. A huge mess. How big of a mess, you ask? Well, it went through 19 rewrites—no that is not an exaggeration–a loss of a major location, and a lack of behind the scenes support. One week before filming, we had no location, no sound person, and no one to do makeup. Going into the production, I was stressed. Being a producer, a lot rides on you. A production can only go smoothly if everything is put into place for the actors, director, and crew. I felt as though I had failed. Everything that I tried to plan out went crashing before my eyes. Ahh..the joys of working in independent film.

With a lot of work and a final rewrite done hours before the production was to be filmed, we were ready to go. Thanks to Kyle Conn, who graciously stepped in to do some excellent FX makeup and sound, we were ready behind the scenes. Steve Goltz and I watched and waited to see how everything would turn out and IF it would turn out at all. After three days of filming, I can safely say that it was by far and away the smoothest film set that I have ever been a part of. I’m not going to lie to you and say that we didn’t have any hiccups here for there. Let’s just say that filming in a garage in the middle of summer with film lights is not exactly the most “relaxing” set that I have ever been on but we powered through it.

I have so many people to thank for making this film what I think it will be…our best short film to date. Daniel Delaye, we couldn’t have done it without you and your expertise as Director of Photography. You made the script come to life in ways that I never thought possible. A big thank you to Matty Dorschner and Mike Goltz for playing one wicked brother team. You guys were fearless and up for anything and the film is all the better for it. Another big thank you to Hannah Jaye and Hannah Herdt for playing Lindsay and Rachel. One sweet and innocent, the other doing anything to get another heroin fix. Both playing their respective roles perfectly.

The last thank you that I want to give is to my producing partner Steve Goltz. Without you, this film could have NEVER have been made. Your last minute creative ideas regarding the gore effects is what will have audiences talking for weeks. Basically, this is a love letter to everyone who worked on this film. This film is as much yours as it is mine. It was an honor working with you all and thank you for making my script come to life.

—Kevin Sommerfield