Horror Sequels We Love: “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master”

I will say this, I don’t think this is the best of the series, so before you say “WTH WHY IS THIS POSTED BEFORE SO AND SO. ” The reason I am posting this is for one simple reason, this was my first exposure to horror, I wasn’t scared when I saw this, but I knew it was wrong to watch(I was like 6 years old). I can remember sitting down one night, my mother having gone out and a babysitter watching me and my sister and baby brother and suddenly WPIX (my channel 11)airing this, grant it it wasn’t unedited and many of the cool FX scenes were taken out, but when I saw Freddy stalking and toying with his victims I remember loving it, now it may sound sick that I got joy from it, especially since those who know me, call me a goody good, bu I loved the idea of him basically teasing those he was about to kill and than to see Alice kicking his ass like she was Bruce Lee (I loved Enter the Dragon already )was fucking awesome.

I still love this film, its definitely the pop star of the franchise as it had a killer soundtrack and was made to capitalize on the franchises fame it had recently garnered. Tuesday Knight, Lisa E. Wilcox, Robert Englund and the rest of the cast were amazing in the film.

The writers, although, there were script problem, still managed to get out a somewhat cohesive story and let you care for the people. Of course, the scene that comes to mind, aside from the kick ass ending was the roach motel and the movie theater scenes, the scenes are played so well, from a pop/R&B death scene to a tense scene between the heroine and killer.

Alice Johnson is played very well by Lisa Wilcox, who really comes into the role, its a shame that her character, while still strong is easily “defeated” in the fifth film and needs to be rescued in a sense, although, I guess you can say the same for the Dream Warriors who die so easily in this film. While I do know Patricia Arquette is usually peoples favorite Kristen, Tuesday was my first Kristen and played the character strong and assertive, Patricia’s Kristen is whiny, even after Nancy appears, while she does grow later on in the 3rd film, she still cries a lot(I guess if I were chased in my dreams by a killer, I’d cry too), but Tuesday plays a more developed character, someone who is taking responsibility for her gift/curse, its sad to see her character go. Its even more upsetting when the back of the VHS and DVD’s reads that Freddy is going up against Kristen, when she is not the main hero against him.

Robert is of course incredible as always and makes you really get into the character, especially for a first timer like I was. Its an easy film to get into, if your mind is open to this type of entertainment(its hard when your father, who you live with can’t stand horror and thinks its a waste of time).

–Eric Curto