Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare” (1991)

We are now back from Indianapolis with TEDDY by our side (updates later on all the details of Horrorhound Weekend) with another Nightmare review. This time on the black sheep of the series: Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. While successful at the box office, both critics and fans took a beating to this one. Is it really THAT bad? Tim Schilling finds out with a brand new tweet by tweet review.

Thoughts before the film:
I love this series so far. Everyone says this is the bottom of the barrel. I can handle bad. Let’s go.

Thoughts while watching:
0:03 Dreams where you’re falling are the worst, I have em all the time.
0:04 Okay Freddy, Wicked Witch of the West.
0:11 Where did Alice go?
0:21 6 booths… Some town fair these people have.
0:26 This town is actually pretty cool now. The ppl are all crazy cause there aren’t kids anymore & it’s basically abandoned.
0:32 I can see how the tricycle is kind of symbolic, but showing it in every single shot possible ruins it.
0:36 Carlos’ dream really makes no sense at all.
0:41 This is Freddy’s what, fourth kid? It’s not a big deal anymore.
0:43 Thanks for the video on drugs Johnny Depp. Very insightful.
0:46 Freddy sucks at killing people. Go back to human puppets and maybe I’ll take that back.
0:47 So what, is everyone a dream warrior now?
0:53 I love it when the person they made out to be the main character of the movie dies 50 minutes in.
1:03 Every town has an Elm Street.
1:08 The dream people gave him this job, does that mean there’s more people like Freddy!?
1:15 I actually really like that they’re showing Freddy’s past. It’s kinda cool.
1:22 Freddy is getting so messed up right now.
1:25 Wow, that was possibly the most lame and boring way to end a movie/supposed to be end of a series.

Final Verdict:
I thought the plots of 4 & 5 were confusing, but #FreddysDead made no sense at all. Jumped all over the place & was just hard to follow. Uninteresting characters, and the awesome effects from the other movies were gone. What I did like was the backstory they told of Freddy.

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