October Challenge: Horror Filmmakers Edition

Attention horror filmmakers: Is there a particular horror movie that started your love for the genre and made you the horror filmmaker you are today? At Slasher Studios, I would love to get 31 write ups (one for each day in October) from various horror filmmakers on the film that most inspired them to become a horror filmmaker. If you are a horror filmmaker and interested in doing a write up, let me know. I will feature it, as well as the movies you have worked on, next month on the site. The write up can be as short or as long as you’d like it to be. Also, pass the word on to other horror filmmakers. I hope to get a wide variety of films here. It doesn’t even matter if more than one filmmaker covers the same movie, I just want to hear your story on the film. I need your write up by October 5th, just email it to info @ slasherstudios.com (no spaces). Thanks again! This will be a Halloween to remember.