Tim’s Horror Tweet Reviews: “Fright Night” (1985)

I’ve made it no secret “Fright Night” is my favorite vampire film of all time. It’s creepy, funny, and oh so very 80’s. Today, our resident twitter review Tim Schilling sinks his teeth into the original “Fright Night” to see if the film still has some bite today.

Thoughts before the film:
Not gonna lie the 1st time I watched this I didn’t really like it.My taste has changed so much since,I hope its better this time.

Thoughts while watching:
0:10 Amy’s got a stick up her ass.
0:11 Well maybe she doesn’t cause you know, but you know what I mean.
0:18 Well obviously the new neighbor is a vampire. I thought the same thing.
0:20 This is gonna make it awkward every time you go outside and you see your neighbor.
0:22 I want this dude’s car.
0:24 Mom you’re a psycho! Never invite a vampire into your house.
0:29 I hope you’re gonna pay for a new door.
0:32 Great makeup and prosthetics. Better than almost everything these days.
0:34 Oh thanks for waking up now mom I almost died a minute ago.
0:36 They totally Should make a show that’s like the Fright Night in this.
0:40 I wanna trick my bedroom out like this. No vampires allowed.
0:50 Who gets used to being called a vampire?
0:56 If this guy watched as many horror movies as it seems he would know not to go down that alley!
0:57 The shots of him flying are way too cool.
1:03 Vampires can go to the club too if they want. #VampireEquality
1:06 This reminds me so much of Mom’s got a Date with a Vampire.
1:09 80’s music is too damn good.
1:19 Haha, when he just walks away from the cross groaning.
1:24 Practical effects > CGS (computer generated shit).
1:24 That transformation scene was incredible though. It looked so great.
1:40 You’re so cool, Brewster!

Final Verdict:
#FrightNight was a ton of fun to watch. It has some of the best practical effects I have ever seen I think, they are so different over the top which make them even more great. Perfect example of the 80’s horror and why it’s still the best decade for the genre!

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