Tim’s Horror Tweet Double Feature Review: “Return of the Living Dead & Return of the Living Dead II”

What’s better than one horror tweet by tweet review to start off a horror filled weekend? Well two horror tweet by tweet reviews, of course. Tim Schilling, our resident Twitter reviewer, is back with a double feature of one of the great zombie double features of all time “Return of the Living Dead” & “Return of the Living Dead II.” Tim is a HUGE zombie fan but do these 80’s zombie comedies slay him? Let’s find out..

Thoughts before the film:
Corny zombie movies don’t get better than this gem from the 80’s. #ReturnOfTheLivingDead

Thoughts while watching:
0:05 This might be the only zombie movie ever made where people have actually heard of zombies beforehand.
0:08 Leak? Oh hell no! *BANG* cue the 80’s music.
0:13 That would suck to get that chain on your face pulled off…
0:14 Such an awesome cemetery.
0:16 Yeah, deodorant, that’ll do it.
0:18 Lololol that vision test on the wall says ‘Burt is a slave diver’ I’ve never noticed that before!
0:20 Dancin naked in the graveyard.
0:26 Damn zombie making such a ruckus.
0:28 Such a strange group of friends.
0:37 Whenever something bad happens, awesome music starts playing.
0:44 I love tar man. BRAINS! Brains!
0:53 These zombies are pretty good at sneak attacks.
0:55 Woooo go midget zombie!
1:04 The scene when they’re talking to the girl zombie is pretty creepy.
1:08 Over acting is perfectly okay in this movie.
1:16 Zombies have feelings too you know.
1:23 “I see, it’s understandable you wanted to cover this up so you wouldn’t get in trouble. I see.”
1:25 The answer to everything is nukes.

Final Verdict:
I don’t think I need to explain that I absolutely love #ReturnOfTheLivingDead. There isn’t a single thing wrong with the movie. It’s way too much fun to hate. And as always: the 80’s rock.

Thoughts before the film:
I just really like zombies. Great way to start off October. #ReturnOfTheLivingDead2

Thoughts while watching:
0:04 Spider-Man comic, nice choice.
0:08 Hey didn’t you guys die in the last movie!? (I obviously know they’re different characters.)
0:13 I don’t know why I like the setting of this movie. A housing complex under construction. So random.
0:18 It reminds me so much of Creepshow when the kid is in his room reading comics.
0:22 I love tar man. I think I said that last night too but whateva.
0:28 I don’t know why, but I love the screams the zombies make in these movies. So funny.
0:37 “Get that damn screwdriver out of my head!”
0:39 Zombies need to stay in shape too you know.
0:44 Hooligans!!
0:45 Possibly the coolest doctor ever.
0:47 Everyone just yells at the kid, give him a chance! He actually knows what to do.
1:02 That poor pet store.
1:05 So rich and spicy! Spicy? Yeah!
1:08 Who’s Harry Truman?
1:10 Zombie what are you doing driving that car!
1:22 Fried zombie is my favorite. Coming soon to the Big E.
1:25 Screwdriver zombie how did you make it that far? That’s okay cause you’re hilarious anyways.

Final Verdict:
I feel the same way about #ReturnOfTheLivingDead2 as I did the first. So funny, so much fun to watch, and just impossible to hate.

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  1. You ever notice that in Part 2 when the punk chick gives up and lets him eat her brains, she talks dirty to him, like "Yeah baby" always felt weird and than her expression was like "That wasn't so bad".

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