Inspiring Scares (Day 16): Shawn Burkett (Writer & Director of PANTY RAID)

We have for you horror fans a brand new short but very sweet Inspiring Scares story from horror filmmaker Shawn Burkett. Burkett is the director of the “Panty Raid” segment on a brand new “Theatre of the Deranged II” due out next year. He also wrote and directed the thriller “The Sleeping Soul.”

“Ti West’s “The House Of The Devil” is the film that gave me the push I needed to switch from music to film making. Touring in a band was an amazing experience, but after ten years and not feeling like I had accomplished anything, I needed a change. I was completely torn, and couldn’t decide what to do. I came across The House Of The Devil @ a Blockbuster and figure I’d give it a shot “since I had never heard of it before” I went home and watched it, and as the credits rolled I knew what I truly wanted. Every time I watch this film, I appreciate it more and more. It has a strong story line, and an epic 80’s look and sense of cinematography. It’s minimalistic and suspenseful but at the same time, gritty and raw. This was the first Ti West film I had seen but not the last, and I have yet to be disappointed.”

Shawn Burkett on IMDB: