“Some Guy Who Kills People” Slays With Heartwarming Dark Humor

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Some Guy Who Kills People tells the story of, well, a guy who kills people of course. Funny, imaginative, bloody, and even heartwarming, this film is able to hit on all cylinders. The acting is great from characters of all ages and this film has a very high production value that helps enhance the film even more. Directed by Jack Perez, Some Guy Who Kills People centers around the male lead, Ken, played by the very likable Kevin Corrigan. Throughout the film, we are shown flashbacks to Ken’s past as he is being tortured by members of the high school basketball team. Unfortunately for the bullies, Ken does not forgive and forget. He seeks out the ones who had hurt him and gives them the punishment that they deserve.

As Ken goes about his business, a he is surprised by the chance meeting with his daughter that he has never met before. This little girl gives him balance in his life and although he is a bit scared and hesitant at first, he soon warms up and becomes the dad that his daughter has needed. Played by Ariel Gade, this girl seems very comfortable with being in front of the camera and has great screen presence for such a young actress. She is a young actress to keep an eye out for as great roles are sure to come to this talented newcomer.

The flick also has a great share of comedic moments as the towns sheriff is played by Barry Bostwick. With great one-liners from him, I was pleasantly pleased with his portrayal of Sheriff Walt, who just happens to be sleeping with Kens mother.The only part of this movie I would perhaps change, would be the lengths of the deaths. They play out very quickly and I would have loved to see a little more. But, by all means, if you can find this film, pick it up and pop it into your DVD player and enjoy some guy killing people.



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