“The Leaf Blower Massacre” is Delicious, 80’s Style Slasher Cheese


As soon as I watched the trailer for “The Leaf Blower Massacre” a few months ago, I knew it was a movie that I had to check out. With a great tongue-in-cheek tone and a killer tagline (“When autumn arrives, no one survives”—-brilliant), I was ready for a campy 80’s style horror short that would bring me out of the dull 2013 horror movies (Does anyone really care about movies like “The Last Exorcism II”? I don’t think so.) and into the world of sleazy 80’s cinema that I have been craving lately. Does “The Leaf Blower Massacre” deliver or is it just another run-of-the-mill homage?

From director and co-writer Anthony Cooney and co-producer/co-writer Josh Stephenson, “The Leaf Blower Massacre” begins as a couple is attacked and killed in broad daylight by a mysterious man with a deadly leaf blower. This turns into quite possibly the most hilarious chase scene I’ve seen in years as an overweight man is the one being hunted down and not the nubile female. Take that feminists who say slashers are misogynistic! The scene had me cracking up and it was a terrific way to start the bloody goodness.

With sharp cinematography and a great soundtrack, this 12 minute gem stands proud with some of my favorite SOV classics from the mid 80’s. It isn’t a perfect film as the transition from campy slasher to serious slasher in the final act is a bit abrupt but it IS a lot of fun. Check out the trailer below and don’t be surprised to see this slasher blowing your way to a film festival near you.