Kevin & Steve’s Slasher Movies: “Stitches” (2012) Review


Kevin: “Stitches” begins with a young boy named Tom who is celebrated his birthday party with his “friends.” I use this term loosely as these kids are hell on wheels. His mother has ordered a clown to perform at his party. Tom and his friends tease the clown endlessly when their teasing goes a little too far and the clown ends up dead. Six years later and Tom and his friends are throwing another birthday party when Stitches the clown comes back from the dead to seek his revenge.

Steve: The first part of the film really does has it all. We are given some high end cinematography, jokes that the actors can actually pull off and a great clown death. Who could ask for more? This beginning portion of “Stitches” can really hold it’s own and could be a short film if viewed by itself. Luckily for all involved, the film keeps rolling with the same humor and amazing deaths scenes. The score fits in perfectly and the production value is level with many bigger budget films.

Kevin: This is the kind of slasher that is about five times better than it has any right to be. So often at Slasher Studios we have been mourning the loss of the “fun slasher.” Well my dear readers, if a fun slasher is what you want…a fun slasher is exactly what you get here. At 85 minutes, it never its pacing never drags and is filled with such a maniacal glee that even the hard core slasher snob will find something to enjoy here.

Steve: This flick has a little bit of everything to offer the fans of horror. We invest money and time into films and so often we feel let down or unhappy with or even worse…no emotion at all. But thats not the case when Stitches the clown is on the screen. This is a fun slasher that knows it’s a fun slasher and the editing plays right into this realm. And if you are a fan of blood, then again, Stitches will not let you down. Bucket loads of blood all over the floors and walls will quench your thirst in this perfectly timed movie.

Kevin: The performances are all top notch with a special kudos Ross Noble as Stitches who plays the clown with a demonic glee and Tommy Knight as Tom who is so sincere and sweet that you actually care about his future. The rest of the cast performs well and it’s interesting to see such a bunch of misfits interact. Oh…and the deaths?! The cherry on this slasher sundae! Easily some of the best gore I’ve seen in years with the bitchy girl Sarah getting her just desserts involving an umbrella and another boy dying to…wait for it…”(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight.” Classic. Ladies and gentlemen, my new favorite slasher!

Steve: I’m definitely looking forward to another viewing of Stitches. At first, the idea of a European killer clown didn’t sound exactly thrilling, but this was exactly what I needed. The story was well written and paced and the FX were outstanding. The crew on this set really knew how to create some great visuals by not only giving the audience the gore, but also a laugh as well. Go find this today. Go!

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