Indie Chiller “Sader Ridge” Plays For Psychological Thrills


From writer/director Jeremy Berg and The October People, comes Sader Ridge. This independent thriller was shot on location in California and Washington on a very modest budget of around $11,000. The story revolves around Samantha, who recently inherited a country property. She and a few friends decide to take the road trip and check out her new place. Upon arrival, they meet Samantha’s childhood playmate, Eric. This psychological thriller plays out over the course of 82 minutes and as Samantha must come to terms with not only the present, but the past as well.

D’Angelo Midili, the actor playing Eric, steals the show with his laid back and natural performance. The line delivery was spot on and I would be very surprised if Midili is not picked up for another film in the near future. Trin Miller takes on the character of Samantha and has a solid performance as our leading lady. Although the bar was set high by Midili and Miller, the rest of the cast, although not at their level, did get the job done.


The locations selected for this film were pretty much perfect. Old country house and the surrounding property helped set the tone. With that said, the cinematography lacked any real wow factor that cold have been easily reached with the forest and house and camp fire. The static shots are too frequent and lasted too long. The movement within the frame is well directed, but the movement of the camera itself is something to be desired for. Just cutting some heads and tails in the edit could help with this as a few scenes/shots seemed to drag.

If you are looking for gore, sex and violence, then take a rain check on this one. But, if you are into the psychological thriller type films, then go out and find Sader Ridge. The acting is above par and the story will make you think. Although this is a low budget indie film, the passion that comes through from the filmmakers is evident and should be well noted.