Deck the Halls with Winter Slashers


Another Halloween has come and gone and we are getting ready to jump into the wonderful world of winter slashers here at Slasher Studios. Which brings us to the question, why aren’t there more winter slashers? With the exception of the delightfully cheesy “Shredder” and a few other 80’s slashers like “Iced,” how many winter slashers can you name. Even something like the awful but entertaining “Black Christmas” remake has a wealth of atmosphere. Something about seeing Christmas lights and blood on the snow that makes the gore fan in all of us light up with cheer. Movies like “Silent Night Deadly Night” and “Don’t Open til Christmas” are entertaining for their sleaziness but this slasher fans has never found either particular film to be very fun. The question I have for you slasher fans is what would you like to see in a winter slasher and why do you think winter slashers aren’t more popular? Let’s have a slay ride this Christmas and see the blood bath begin..


1 thought on “Deck the Halls with Winter Slashers

  1. I actually think there is a lot of winter slashers, but for mainstream movies the winter slasher does not work because winter is suppose to be the "most wonderful time" of the year. People don't want to see people being killed during that fun time. For me I'm a Christmas/winter slasher fan.

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