Kevin & Steve’s Horror Movies: “Flesh Eating Mothers” (1988)


Kevin: Flesh Eating Mothers is the kind of horror movie that takes more chances than just about any horror movie released in the last year. In this 1988 cult hit, the woman of a small town are all turning into…well, flesh eating mothers. A sexually transmitted disease is taking over the neighborhood and all the women who have slept with the town “stud” are now infected. How’s THAT for a premise? Let’s just say, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Steve: The overall story is quite intriguing. These everyday suburban woman are in need of a little extra lovin’, but unfortunately get more then what they were looking for. Telling his wife he is going for a run, the town stud takes off in his sweats and meets up with the mothers. Leaving them with something a little extra, the mothers soon develop the taste and desire for human flesh.

Kevin: The effects are surprisingly well done and the makeup on the mothers after they have turned into the flesh eating beings is creepy as hell! This is a fun and cheesy flick, but with a darker script this could have been a very scary watch. If for no other reason, the face transformations of these murderous mothers is worth the watch.

With body parts gnawed off, faces ripped off, and lots of blood & gore, Flesh Eating Mothers is a like a buffet for the horror fan. With laughably bad dialogue and some of the worst acting to come out of the 1980’s (yes, that is saying a LOT right there), the movie is an instant camp classic. While it does run out of steam in the last act, the first hour is filled with some great delights of overacting and overeating. Dig in!