Women in Horror Month: American Mary


Mary Mason is a young medical student who is dealing with some financial issues and seeks out a job at a strip club to try to get some extra cash to help her money problems. But as things start to look up something horrific happens that leaves Mary Scared and her innocence lost but with the help of her new found friends and a thirst for revenge, Mary leave medical school and travels down a more dangerous road leading to the world of Body Modification.

With this new opportunity Mary knows she will need to get some practice in order to do her job right and what better way to practice then with the people who done her wrong.

This film has to by one of the best and most original Horror films in years. The passion and guts that went into making this is seen from the opening shot. This is a clear example of a horror film done right.

The Soska sisters (Twisted Twins) went all the way in making this fantastic and outrageous tale of a young girls search for revenge. As well as the outstanding directing and writing skills of two of the best and much loved filmmakers in Hollywood right now, their leading lady is none other than the beautiful and talented Ginger Snaps star Katherine Isabelle who captivates and moves the audience in her portrayal of this broken and emotional character.

With an intense and moving horror story, A beautiful and talented leading lady and from the mind of the creators of “Dead Hooker in A Trunk. This film is outstanding beyond belief every second of every

scene you are hooked to the screen, following every intense moment. Along with some dark comedy and some very daring and challenging scenes this film has made its mark on the Horror genre and will be forever loved and admired by anyone who sees it. The story is so brutal yet so real. It is one that can be relatable to many, and with a fan following so strong we can take this film to the stars.

Ross Wilcock