Women in Horror: Stacie Ponder (Final Girl)


When it comes to Women in Horror, I cannot think of a single blogstar extraordinaire who has left more of an impact on me than the one and only Stacie Ponder. One of the wittiest writers talking about horror today, her blog Final Girl is a tribute to anything and everything we all love about the subgenre of horror we all know and love: SLASHERS.

I’ve been following Final Girl and Stacie Ponder for a few years know (I hope that doesn’t come off as creepy as it sounds) and I truly cherish every new review or write up she contributes to the site (even if, sadly, new updates have been rare as of lately). Her biting sarcasm and all around playfully campy tone makes me giggle like no other. Not only has Ponder proven herself as an exceptional writer, she’s also a damn good filmmaker as well. Her vampire Barbie doll short film “Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear” is a campy delight that had me hollowing with laughter. Her first feature, “Ludlow,” was a brave and complex tale that shows just what kind of power a great indie film can have.

Three years ago Ponder teamed up with the equally hilarious Heidi Honeycutt to form the most entertaining podcast currently available online: “The Scare-Ening.” Each episode is filled with witty one-liners, great celebrity guests (Bree Grant, Joe Bob Briggs, Heather Langenkamp…the list goes on and on), and some fantastic insight on what it is like to work in indie horror today. Ponder is also an extraordinary artist and her comic “Slashers 101” holds as special place in my heart as it combines her love of the genre with her love of comics. It really is something outstanding. So good that I would frame it but, how could I look at it and show it off to friends?

So let’s her it for the ubertalented Stacie Ponder! The world of horror and the world of slashers is a better place because she is a part of it.

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